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Team X: X-Steele, Smash, Darken Candy. Boss: Izanagi (Part 3 Complete)
Team Ninja: Scorpio Kunoichi, Kiyoshi, Okami Roy,. Support: Otto Boss: R.I.L.E.5 (Part 3 Complete)
Team Fighters: Riley, Jiayang , Sky Boss: Zetsumei (Part 3 Complete)
Team Monster Hunters: Axel, Lucy, Eluza. Support: Himeko. Boss: Travis w/ Cyber Demon (Part 3 Complete)
Team Tough Chicks: Faith, Damia, Amanda
Team Grungy Rainbow: Candy w/ Blossom, Zion, Phil. Support: Pepper. Boss:  Brandon (Part 3 Complete)
Team Talon: Talon Ayvo, Relith, Syrroth. Support: Myrrin Boss: Teufel
Team Outcast: Shiki, Tony, Haruki. Support: Darrin. Boss: The Grim Reaper (Graham Neo) (Part 3 Complete)
Team Fighters 2: Arc, Minroni, Fuzzy Boss: Marie (Part 3 Complete)
Team No Name 1: Gust, Muki, Rena. Support: Montyosho Boss: Darren (Part 3 Complete)
Team No Name 2: Lexi, Annie, Nova. Support: Youjo Boss: Dreamcast (Part 3 Complete)
Team Poe: Poe, Greg, Unknown. Support: Karina Boss: Marx (Part 3 Complete)
Team ???: Mamoru K, Liadra, Nui Support: Laylani Boss: Liadra?

Final Boss: Dimensional Ripper (Talyn/AU Talon)
Other Characters: Max, Calin, Washington I. Crane, Ra, Astraloth, Zebesian, 'Moski, Lions (Riley's world).
DImension Wars 2 Teams (Updated)
I personally think Okami should fill the gap in Team Ninja and I have a character I need to make a sheet for but we would still need one more character to balance out the teams....there are also characters who have not been assigned to teams

UPDATE: All but one team have been assigned a boss and the progress of each team has been added.

Were getting close to the end of Dimension Wars 2 people. After all Part 3's are done, all the teams will come together for the final battle in part 4. Then the story will conclude in a short conclusion: Part 5. I would like to thank you all for being a part of this and I hope if there is a Dimension Wars 3 that we can do a story that will involve you all more.
Riley, Sky, and Jiaying appeared in front of what looked like a a ruined plain with some large rocks around it in a circular pattern.
"Oh..this place looks..." Riley began as she took notice of the dead bushes around.
"How did we go from city to a plain?" Sky asked confused by the change in scenery.
Jiaying however was paying attention to the rocks, she sensed something strange about them.
"Hey what are you.." Riley said as suddenly breathing could be heard.
The three immediately got into defensive stance as three lions emerged from the rocks. Each looked a bit evil and hungry.
"I knew it! But.." Riley hesitated as the lions circled the three.
"Fighting other humans is one thing but animals and lions nonetheless?" Sky said as she readied her bo-staff.

The lions began closing as Jiaying got into a stance, as one lunged at her she kicked it away with a precision attack.
After that the other two attacked, one lunges at Sky who smacks it away with her staff. The other pounces at Riley who dodges and backs away.
"I can't fight you three....not after what happened back then" Riley muttered as she tried to hold her arms out to get the lions to stop.
The other two were already back on their feet and were attacking Sky and Jiaying as Riley continued to with hold her offense.
"Riley, I don't know what connection you've got with these lions......but remember they aren't the real thing!" Sky said as she dodged lunges from her attacker.
Riley watched as her teammates fought back and forth with the lions, seeing that as many times as they knocked the lions down they still got up.
Suddenly the third lion lunged at her and midway through it's attack she grabbed it and tossed it aside.
"She was right, you three are monsters. Nothing like the pride I group up with!" Riley said as the lion she tossed got back up on it's feet.

The lion then roars loudly before charging at Riley; Riley reels her fist back and as it closes in she delivers a thunderous punch sending the lion flying in the process. She then turns to see one of the lions cut at Jiaying's left leg making her clutch it a bit.
"Get off of her!" Riley yells as she charges and punches the lion away from Jiaying.
As the lion catches itself Riley and Jiaying stand on either side of it.
The lion looks back and forth remaining aloof as Jiaying and Riley circle it.
"Now the hunter...becomes the hunted" Jiaying says as Riley takes a step forward and the lion turns to her.
At that moment Jiaying nimbly steps towards the lion and then kicks it upwards.
After the lion goes flying upwards Riley lunges in the air and smacks it with a hard right sending it flying until it disappears as well.

Riley came back down and looked at Jiaying who directed her towards Sky.
"Hurry, she needs our help" Jiaying said as the two rushed to Sky's side.
Sky was struggling to pull her staff away from the lion's jaws; as the two came closer the lion overpowered her and pulled the staff from Sky's hands before tossing it aside with it's mouth.
"This is the last one!" Sky yelled as she spat up a bit of blood.
"Thank god" Riley muttered to herself as she charged at the lion.
As the loin met her advance, Riley grabbed it by the front paws. She then tossed it towards Sky who brought her leg down on it, breaking it's neck and making it disappear.
With all the lions now gone the girls relaxed as an eerie calm filled the air.
Then suddenly, the sky turned grey with clouds and thunder could be heard.
A voice could then be heard as the three turned to see a tall man with black and grey hair drop down from a portal.
"Hmmph, I shouldn't have relied on such primitive and useless creatures to take care of you three" The man said with an annoyed look on his face.
"Zetsumei! What are you doing here?" Sky yelled.
"Hehe my girl is that really important? Or should you worry more about the fight ahead?" Zetsumei said.
Sky clenched her fists as the man in the business stared the three in the eyes.

"Well, there's no need to be shy one of you attack me." Zetsumei said as he motioned the girls to approach.
Sky began to step forward but Jiaying halted her before getting ready to charge herself.
Jiaying then nimbly rushes at Zetsumei and punches at him; he catches her fist and then hold her there before laughing.
"Ahaha you rushed in too quickly I'm afraid, now get away from me!" He yelled as he tossed Jiaying aside.
Jiaying falls to the ground as Zetsumei continues to laugh, suddenly his body is engulfed by blue flames and for a moment he cannot be seen.

As the flames die down what is seen in his place is a the same man but with a more demon like appearance.
His top had burned away revealing a pale bluish-grey skin with scars all over his torso. He now had dull fangs and short horns protrudng from his head; his eyes were now pure black and blue flame like aura could be seen emanating from him.
"What the hell?" Riley yelled as she stared at the changed man.
"Scared? You should be!" Zetsumei said as he quickly rushed at Riley.
He then unleashes a flurry of punches on Riley hitting her once or twice before sending her reeling backwards with a strong one.
"That..strength.." Riley said as she struggles to stay on her feet.
As Zetsumei shakes his fist Jiaying silently sneaks up behind him.
"I sure hope no one is behind me!" Zetsumei said as he turns around kicks.
Jiaying barely dodges and then sweeps at Zetsumei's feet but he floats in the air before unleashing a flurry of kicks on her.
As the kicks fly at her Jiaying is unable to dodge them despite her nimbleness.
As the last kick hits Jiaying slumps to the ground and falls to her knees.
"That..speed..." She says breathing hard.
"Pathetic!" Zetsumei yells before suddenly getting hit with a kick from behind.

"Get away from her you demon!" Sky yells as she switches back to her stance.
"You got lucky with that one, but we both know you can't beat me!" Zetsumei yelled as he fired a dark fireball at her.
Sky dodges the fireball and charges at Zetsumei before unleashing a strong kick at him.
As Zetsumei dodges he smirks at Sky before hitting her with a strong jab that sends her reeling.
"I...still have...power to use!" Sky said between breaths.
Zetsumei's eyes go wide for a second before shakes his head.
"Surely not, you ARE the weakest one here after all" Zetsumei lied as he could feel some sort of power welling up in Sky.
While he was focusing on Sky Riley and Jiaying had both gotten back up and they rushed at him from either side.
They then began attacking him at the same time, Riley unleashing blow after blow and Jiaying kicking at Zetsumei.
"I allowed myself to be distracted for a second, never again!" He yelled as he did his best to dodge both their attacks.

Zetsumei took a few hits here and there before grabbing both of his attackers and then tossed them away from him.
Suddenly a kick caught him off guard, hitting him right in the head and spun him around.
"Dammit...this...*sigh* I'm done...for now" Zetsumei said as he slowly began to disappear through a portal.
" away!" Sky yelled as she slumped a little from exhaustion.
Riley and Jiaying approached her as the sky changed back to normal above them.
The three then looked to see a white door appear out of nowhere.
"That's weird..oh whatever, let's go" Riley said as the three tiredly made their way through the door.

As they passed through they walked into a room full of people sitting or standing. Across from them up a staircase was a large door with orbs on it.
The three looked around at the various people cautiously as Phil approached.
"Hey friends!" The sign he held up said with a painted smiley face below the words.
At this gesture the three relaxed their guard, as Riley then looked around for signs of her friends.
"They aren't here though..." She said a bit disappointed.
"Don't worry, they have to get here if we want to keep going" Kiyoshi said as she appeared beside Phil.
At that moment one of the orbs on the door broke.
"Those orbs break every time a new group enters the room, so were guessing everyone has to get here for it to open." Kiyoshi said.
"I guess we'll wait then, you guys have any good stories to tell?" Sky asked as they waited for the others to arrive.
Minroni, Fuzzy, and Arc appeared in what seemed like a blank vacuum of space with chunks of land floating around them.
"What the hell?" Fuzzy said as he looked at the spectacle in front of them.
As the three looked around a chunk of land floated above them.
"This place feels...wrong" Minroni said.
Fuzzy looked confused at the man's statement but before he could question a bright yellow light appeared in front of them. It materialized into a hooded figure.
" a replica of what's left of my world" A female voice said keeping her face hidden.
The three were speechless as they were unsure what to say.
" why I'm here, why I have to defeat her and no one else." The female said as she removed her arm from her robe to show a strange device on it.
"I get it, so you want us out of your way huh?" Fuzzy said as he smirked at the woman.
The woman gave looked away for a second as a yellow energy gathered on her arm device until it formed a blade.
"I, Marie Absalon, will not be defeated here!" The woman yelled as she charged straight at Fuzzy.

Fuzzy in response clutched his sword and charged right back at Marie.
Their weapons clashed as the closed in on each other and they were caught in a power struggle.
As the two struggled it seemed as though Fuzzy was beginning to gain the upper hand; suddenly Marie jumped back before disappearing in a flash of yellow light.
"Grr I almost had her!" Fuzzy yelled as he looked around for her.
Marie then reappeared for a split second beside Fuzzy as she sliced past him and disappeared again.
To the side Minroni seemed to be focusing on something meanwhile Arc was searching around for any trace of where Marie could be now.
"She's way too fast! I can't keep track of her" Arc said as Marie sliced past him now, barely missing.
Minroni's palms were glowing now and the next moment he stepped to the left and unleashed a chi-based attack.
Marie reappeared then, having been caught my Minroni's attack she slid away from him.
"That's amazing focus you have" Marie said as she regained her footing.
Minroni took a deep breath and then got into a stance, waiting for Marie's next attack.
"Come at me" Minroni then said as he motioned Marie to attack.

"Hmph, very well" Marie then said as she zoomed towards Minroni, leaving a trail of yellow energy behind her.
Marie then began unleashing a flurry of attacks on Minroni who did his best to dodge or block them.
As Marie continued her assault Arc came charging in at her.
"Too predictable!" Marie said as she spun around Arc and sliced at Minroni's feet; she then reeled her bladed arm back and unleashed a devastating energy blast on Arc.
Arc fell forward onto the ground as Marie turned back to Minroni and held her blade to his neck.
Minroni's grabbed Marie's arm and quickly tossed her away.
As she flew away from Minroni however she unleashed a shock wave of energy and stalled her flight.

Minroni walked over and helped Arc to his feet as Fuzzy walked over to them as well.
"You can toss me around all you want, my light never fades!" Marie yelled as she held her arm with the blade up to the air.
It flashed a bright light as suddenly energy projectiles began to spiral around Marie.
"This is crazy, how do we beat her?" Arc said.
As Arc finished his sentence the projectiles floating around Marie began to move quicker and further away, inching closer to the three.
"Those energy projectiles will reach us if we don't do something" Minroni said.
"Leave it to me!" Fuzzy then said as he clutched his sword.
Arc and Minroni continued to move closer to the edge of the land they were on as Fuzzy began a charge at Marie.
As Marie stood in the center of the area and the projectiles began to try and follow Fuzzy.
However he was too quick and was right behind Marie in almost an instant
"Game over lady!" Fuzzy said as he prepared to slice the woman.
Suddenly Marie had disappeared, before slicing down on Fuzzy.

As Marie landed behind Fuzzy, he remained standing after the split-second attack.
"Look....I can't beat you and you can't beat me, but if you lie down and die you're friends might be allowed to move on seeing as how they are much weaker" Marie said.
"Yeah....but, you're wrong on one thing" Fuzzy said as he held up a hand full of flames.
In the next second he turned to Marie and swiped the air sending a wave of flames at her.
"I'm much stronger than you!" Fuzzy then said as the flames hit Marie after she jumped backwards.
As the flames burned at Marie's robe she slowly touched her energy blade to her other arm.
"I see....well then....are you strong enough to hurt light?" She said as she thrust the blade into her skin.
Suddenly light energy engulfed the spot she stabbed into and began to spread all over her body.
Soon her whole body was one mass of energy and the flames that had once burned it were now gone.
"You wont survive another second with this form!" She then yelled as she charged at Fuzzy.
Fuzzy stood there and waited for Marie's attack with a smile.
"I'm actually pretty sure I can!" He said as he held an arm out.

A small hole was forming in the air around his hand, it was becoming larger very slowly.
Fuzzy looked over to Arc and Minroni who were still near the edge of the area as he was taking hits from Marie.
"Say bye-bye!" He then said as he sent the black hole forward a bit.
"I...can't die here! This...isn't the end!" Marie said as she suddenly disappeared in a bright yellow light just as the hole started sucking her in.
"Uh..dammit...." Fuzzy said as Marie escaped. Suddenly the area around them went completely white and changed to a regular room as the black hole dissipated as well.
"How...what just...." Arc said confused by what had just taken place.
" don't suppose the black hole did that do you?" Fuzzy said as he looked at the white walls.
As the three looked around Minroni spotted a door at the end of the room.
"Look, an exit has appeared" He said as the others looked to where he spotted.

The three walked through the door to see familiar faces around them.
"Arc! Is that you!" Riley said as she ran over to the three.
"Ri-wait....I'm not falling for that!" Arc said.
"I'm the real thing idiot! I was...uh worried about you" Riley said in response.
After looking at Riley for a good 5 seconds Arc gave a small chuckle and rubbed the back of his head.
" should've seen what we had to go against" Arc said.
"Same here haha" Riley answered.
As the two began recounting their events Minroni and Fuzzy looked at the end of the room to see a door at the top of a stairway.
The door had multiple orbs on it and as the watched one broke.
"Those orbs are what are keeping us here" Jiaying had said from behind the two.
"Ah, I see you made it here alive as well" Minroni said as he turned to the woman.
"It was not easy, but I managed." Jiaying said as she nodded.
"So wait how exactly are those orbs keeping us here?" Fuzzy asked with a puzzled look.
"Every time a team enters the room an orb breaks, there are the same number of orbs as there are teams who entered the tower, therefore we have to wait for the others to get here." Jiaying explained.
Fuzzy's face quickly gave an annoyed expression to this revelation.
"*sigh* Whatever, guess we'll play the waiting game for now then"
Dimension Wars 2: Team Fighters 1 and 2 Part 3
Riley, Lions, and Arc belong to :icondeceitful96:
Zetsumei and Sky belong to :iconpopman71:
Fuzzy belongs to :iconcrimson-bakeneko:
Jiaying and Minroni belong to :iconmattmc95:
Marie belongs to that one guy no one cares about.....
Ho, ho, ho Dimension Warriors! It's that jolly time of the year which means it's time for another group event.

What? We never finished the last two? Uhm.....sorry, the first was my fault and the Halloween contest WILL end and be voted on when the last entry is given.
But now, it is time for the first ever DW Secret Santa. What does that mean? Let me tell you
You send the group :icondimensionwarsassort: a note with your username and the name of your OC you would like to be drawn. The through some secretly secret matching you will be matched to someone else to give them a little present. It can be a drawing, an animation, a writing, just whatever you can manage to put some love into.
It does not have to be your DW OC and while not necessary it would be preferred if it were winter or Christmas themed.

You do have to be a member of DW though I'm afraid

Names will be given by the the 1st of December so there will be enough time for everyone to get their gifts done.

Tis all for now....happy Holidays!


Dylan Garcia
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The name's Dylan Garcia and I am a video game fanatic.
Some of my favorite games are: Soul Calibur series, Persona series, Fallout series Dynasty Warriors series, Samurai Warriors series, Warriors Orochi series,
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Below is a page I share with a friend where you can reach me if I want to communicate better. We share news and memes on but not limited to Persona, Fallout, Minecraft, Pokémon, DBZ, Smash Bro's and much more.
A friend of mine and person who has drawn my characters multiple time is doing special commisions and a raffle, I suggest you guys go check her out.…

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