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In the span of two weeks Marina readied herself and the city of Larston for an attack. She hired a mercenary by the name of Morgan; she was known for being incredibly powerful and thus would add to her forces nicely. In addition, Marina convinced Lyxander and Lysania to help her forces defend against The Phantom of the South's. Finally she attempted to contact her allies across the seas in Luxaplus, knowing they were grateful her to-be husband rid them of the tyrant Zirce Lilana; she hoped to get their aid in the coming battle. Then one day a group of soldiers she set in the fields to the South to keep watch sent a message back to her. It spoke of an army approaching from a storm to the South.

"All men and women to the front lines, they cannot be allowed into the city!" Marina yelled as I leaned against a wall outside the room.
As he left I followed her down the hallway to the outside of the building.
"So where do you want me then?" I asked.
"I want you to stay back, do not make your presence known until the perfect time." She said as we parted ways.
I made my way to the fields thinking back at how things came to here.
"She did offer a large reward for this, and I guess nothing can really stop me. Still it's stupid she wants me to just hang back for now; I oughta not listen to her and make my presence known fast. How else am I supposed to make the name Morgan Demy known?" I thought to myself on the way. You see I'm a mercenary, have been for a good while now. I make money off how much I get hired and I can't get hired if my name's not out there. Not only that but it's always nice to be the center of attention hehe.

Anyways it wasn't long until I made it outside the city, there were already soldiers filing in so I had to hurry.
"Did I miss the show?" I said as I approached a group of soldiers.
"No Ma'am, the enemy seems to be stuck in the dust storm ahead" One said before turning back to watch the fields.
I walked past them and made my way to the front, putting myself in front of the rest of our army. Ahead of me was a field covered in dust; it was impossible to make out what was on the other side. However a figure stepped out from the dust adorned in pinkish red clothing and a horned headband.
"Heh are you the pathetic excuse for a commander of the enemy? I'll go ahead and have you know I've never lost a fight" I said, knowing it to be true.
The woman merely stared at me with pupiless red eyes teetering back and forth eerily.
"Alright then, I'll take the first shot....Grave Fissure!" I yelled as I put one of my blades to the ground. It cause a small fracture in the Earth as energy built up within it, then it surged forward down the fracture and a blue pillar of energy burst torwards the so called "Phantom".
"Ahahaha phantom or not, that ought to end you; pack it up boys were done here and I need to get p-...wha?" I said as the energy cleared and the woman had disappeared.

Suddenly soldiers started emerging from the dust like ghosts.
"Dammit, what are you waiting for attack!" I yelled as I clutched both my blades and readied for their charge.
Soldiers then began to charge from behind me and the real fighting began: I had no problem dispatching a few soldiers who approached me one after another.
"I almost don't want to say this is too easy, because I know that Phantom bitch will come and spook me" I said as the line of soldiers stopped.
Then almost as if on cue, the sky began to darken. I looked up and say the same woman from before floating down towards us.
I then looked beside me and saw Lysania cutting down soldiers a little too eagerly; she looked back in awe at the sight as soon as she noticed however.
"Hah, the bitch made the mistake of letting me recharge. I got you this time!" I said to her as I reeled one of my blades back and slowly approached her with energy building on the blade.
She seemed to be turned away from me so I quickly swung my blade and released a torrent of blue energy straight for her.
"Aha die!" I yelled as I clutched the arm I had just used, i began breathing hard because of the strain of the attack but I was confident that was the end.

Of course when the dust cleared and she stood there unfazed, I knew just how wrong I was.
"Fuuuck...I'm not getting paid enough for this!" I yelled as I kicked the dirt.
Beside I saw an unfamiliar face: a dark-skinned girl with green clothing and a black sword stood on the other side of Lysania.
"I came when Marina sent her message; I actually just got here from the docks but I guess I was too late huh?" She asked as she clutched her sword.
"What's your name?" I asked as the wind around us began to pick up.
"Nari Elena, right hand woman to the leader of Luxaplus!" She yelled as suddenly a gust of wind knocked us off our feet.

After that I went unconscious and as I came to the woman was gone. A soldier of our army approached me he looked like he was staggering.
"Where did that bitch go, Imma-" I began as the soldier suddenly drew a sword on me.
"What the fuck are you doing" Your leader tell you to kill me or something so she doesn't have to pay?" I asked as I clutched my blade in response. I got no reply back but a swing of the man's sword before I quickly cut him down. I then turned to see Nari and Lysania were both dealing with soldiers as well.
"Something is definitely not right here" I said as I charged forward and cut down the soldiers attacking my comrades.
"What's going on?" Lysania asked me as she clutched her sword in hand.
"Like I know, we should probably hurry back and see if miss "leader" knows what's going on" I said as I motioned back towards the city and the three of us headed that way.
The South vs Larston
This is part of a storyline in Changing Days that follows a multitude of new characters and returning characters in Marina's world.
Previous Part: Larston vs the South

Oooh....could this be...some sort of...phantom magic at work?
Mystery Girls, The Living Darkness by TheTalon34
Mystery Girls, The Living Darkness
Age: 10, 18, 30.
Height: differs
A dimension protector of Marina's dimension she is tracking The Living Darkness. She has been curse to change between three different ages at random times. She has no means of fighting but she can stop time and teleport.

The Living Darkness
Height: ???
Age: ???
Once a scientist a long time ago, because of an accident caused by Leo Remy and Eliza he was transported to the world of Changing Days/Luxaplus Mystery at the same time he was consumed by one of his experiments. Now he feeds off of evil and darkness in people's hearts and possesses them. Once possessed if their physical body is destroyed he can still survive and change his form to resemble them afterwards. So far there are only two known hosts he has lived in: The Ambassador and Zirce Lilana.
He is still very intellectual and has a sort of god-complex, believing everyone else are merely pawns for his use.
Powers: Able to change between a human like form and a dark ooze like form that can expand and contract at willl, poisonous to touch, able to completely mimic the appearance of those he posesses first. Weak to fire....

The Phantom of the South
Height: 6'0"
Age: ???
Weapon: Large sword (used in a samurai stance/katana stance)
It's not entirely known whether she is human or not, but she seems to be able to cause supernatural occurences: Control people, control the weather.
She now controls the area South of Larston and has her won army.

Morgan Demy
Height: 5'7"
Age: 22
Weapon: Technologically Powered Blades
A mercenary hired by Marina to add to her forces after The Phantom of the South emerges; she is cocky, flashy, and overall confident in her own abilities. It's not known where she got her unique weapons or the technology that powers them, but she isn't afraid to show their power. With the ability to gather up blue energy and release it in many forms from the blade she has good reason to show off.
Lysania and Lyxander by TheTalon34
Lysania and Lyxander
I didn't finish drawing Luxander's bottom half because it's pretty much the same as Lysania only...male XD

Age 19
Height: 5'4"
Weapon: Long sword
A spunky tomboy, she loves to fight but her first real battle doesn't go as planned. She's secretly a lesbian and prefers blondes.

Age 19
Height: 5'9"
Weapon: dual short bardiche's
Less than enthusiastic to go into the front lines, he's very protective of his sister. In contrast to her excited personality he is more laidback.
A year has passed since Marina took back her home town of Larston from the Emperor. Within this time she's lost the life of her to-be husband and many of her soldiers but also freed Luxaplus of Zirce Lilana's rule. A new threat however loomed, to the South, the very enemies Keal had helped fight off in a war a few years ago had replenished their ranks. Marina would take this threat head on with her retainer Danica behind her, however this isn't her story. This is the story of young man on his first mission as a commander of the Southern Army front lines.

Lyxander stood in the field opposite Larston, a young man of only 19 this was the last place he wanted to be. He brushed back his short black hair as he put his helmet on.
"Come on bro, lighten up this is going to be awesome!" His sister Lysania said to him.
Lysania was a true tomboy, she loved training and couldn't wait for the day she would go out into real combat. She looked a bit like himself, black hair a bit longer than his and grey eyes just like him. However the two were polar opposites and the only reason he was there was that their leader sent Lysania to the front lines and THEN offered him a commander spot.
"You don't understand Lysa, neither of us should be here right now" I said to her as the wind blew around us.
"You're such a down, we get an important role and you're all 'I don't wanna be here waaaah'." She replied to me in a mocking tone.
As I proceeded to sigh, I saw a group approaching on the horizon. That was surely the enemy I thought as I raised my weapons.
They stopped short, dressed in light white and black armor compared to our heavier blue and silver equipment.

"Let's get this over with" I thought as I raised one of my weapons towards the enemy.
"CHARGE!" I then yelled and the large army behind me moved forward along with myself, the enemy then responded in kind advancing as well.
Almost immediately I began to fight, as I blocked an attack from one of the soldiers and then slashed through him. I marched forward, knowing my goal all too well. Larston had agreed to send out their leader rather than bring the fighting to the city; it was my job to take her head. As I sliced my way through soldier after soldier though I kept looking to make sure my sister was okay.
"Sis, you alright!" I yelled as I looked around for Lysania. After spotting her signature long sword slicing through an enemy I turned my attention back to the army before me.
But as I turned to move I was paralyzed, however, from the corner of my eye I saw a woman standing opposite me before I blacked out.

Some time later I came back to inside of a tent; I could still hear the fighting in the distance.
"So you're the commander of the Southern Army?" I heard a stern female voice say as I looked up to see a beautiful woman with platinum blonde hair.
"You, you're Platinum Hope or should refer to you as Marina? There is no mistaking it; we were given a detailed description of you during our briefing." I said as I tried to struggle free, she must have had me tied up because I couldn't move my arms or legs.
"Hmph, I expected more but I am glad this will end soon nonetheless. Call off your men who came with you and the ones that just arrived" She said as she took a sword and held it to my throat.
"Don't be silly, I know about your policy on mercy. You wouldn't dare kill me..wait...just arrived?" My mind quickly thought back to the briefing, our leader had not informed us we would be getting reinforcements.
"Don't act stupid! Look out there!" I heard another female voice say as I was turned around to look outside the tent.
Along with the two sets of soldiers already confirmed, there was a third set with light red almost pinkish clothes on.
"Who are those soldiers? What's going on?" I said not sure what to think as they turned me back around.
"Grr Marina might not kill you but if y-" The other female began as Marina raised her hand to halt her.

"Calm down Danica, he may be telling the truth. I believe I have a new proposition for him though" Marina said.
"What could we possibly gain from making a deal with him?" Danica asked in a huff.
"I want you to fight alongside my army and defeat those that just arrived. If you refuse I will leave you here to rot." Marina said as she focused on me.
I thought for a moment before making my mind up and giving a small nod. Marina then cut me loose and handed my my weapons as Danica led me out.
"I'll be watching you so if you double cross us, I WILL kill you!" She said as I advanced forward back onto the battlefield.

As we marched forward the new arrivals went straight for Danica. As part of the facade I cut them down we kept moving forward.
"All I have to do is find Lysania; then we can cut Danica down and leave" I thought as we continued cutting through other soldiers.
Not too long passed until I saw Lysania fighting a soldier herself, as she cut him down she turned towards me with her sword still out.
"Brother!" She yelled as she began to run forward when something suddenly stopped her in her tracks.
I felt a shiver down my spine as I heard a phantom-like female voice speak.
"Cut him down, he is the enemy" It said.
The look in Lysania's eyes changed as she clutched her sword and charged at me.
As our weapons locked I looked into her now lifeless eyes.
"Sis it's me, your brother Lyxander; why are you doing this?" I asked as I tried to keep my balance.
Her large sword quickly overpowered my weapons and she sliced at me making me fall to a knee. The next thing I know I see Lysania fall to the ground with a blue energy keeping her pinned. I get myself up and see Danica keeping her pinned to the ground.
"What are you doing, get off of her!" I say as I step towards the two and she holds out her other hand to halt me.
"I'm not going to hurt her, however we have other problems!" She said as she motioned in the other direction.

I turned to see a tall woman in pinkish-red clothing, she had a headband with horn-like protrusions on it and long grey hair. Around us a windstorm had picked up, blowing dust around and making it harder to see.
"What a pain, had you gone along with the plan this wouldn't have happened. It's nice to know where you're allegiance is though" She said calmly as she walked towards us with her hair blowing in the wind.
"Who the hell are you?" I said as I clutched my weapons.
The woman stopped for a moment as she looked at me, I became mesmerized by her pupil less red eyes.
" your demise..." She said as she quickly disappeared, at the same time the wind storm subsided and we could see again.
Around us were dead bodies everywhere, it seemed as if not a single soldier survived.
As Danica got off of Lysania I went over to her and helped her up.
"Lysania! Are you okay!" I said as I held her in my arms.
She was unconscious but I could still feel her heartbeat; behind us I could hear footsteps.
"This is not good" I heard the familiar voice of Marina say.
I helped Lysania up and propped her on my shoulders before proceeding back towards the South.
"Where are you two going?" Marina said from behind.

I turned my head and gave her an angry look.
"Back to where we came from; we should have never came out here" I said before continuing.
"I wouldn't if I were you; I imagine you two are branded traitors now once that woman reports back." Marina then said.
I thought for a moment before turning around towards the two.
"What the hell else am I supposed to do then? I have no idea what's wrong with my sister and I need help!" I yelled to Marina.
"Danica, help him bring her back, we'll attend to her" Marina said as she turned to leave.
Danica got on the other side of me and we brought Marina back into the city of Larston.
After consulting a doctor he just said she needed some rest, so Marina let us stay in her fortress that night.
The next morning reports came in that The South was conquered by a strange Phantom woman and her army, no doubt the same one we had just encountered last night.
"She calls herself The Phantom of the South and her next target is no doubt Larston" Marina said to me.
"So it's true....we can't go back" I said as I pounded my fists on the chair I sat in.
After a moment of silence Marina spoke, in a bit of a softer tone then I had known from her.
"You can stay here, I only ask that you help whatever force I have left against this woman"
I gave this some thought and looked at Lysania who was still asleep.
"Fine, you can count on us...."

Roc Anders (Horizon Academy) by TheTalon34
Roc Anders (Horizon Academy)
Age 17
Height: 5'8"
Another student at Horizon Academy he has only one thing in mind, proving he is the best. Still no matter how hard he tries,he always seems to be outdone.
Powers: Earth manipulation


Dylan Garcia
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
The name's Dylan Garcia and I am a video game fanatic.
Some of my favorite games are: Soul Calibur series, Persona series, Fallout series Dynasty Warriors series, Samurai Warriors series, Warriors Orochi series,
Skullgirls, J-Stars Victory Vs, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, and Minecraft among others.

My Youtube channel:…

Favourite Characters: Sol Badguy, Sho Shinjo, Ma Dai, Dante (New and Old), Aigis, Naoto Shirogane, Yoshitsune Minamoto, Motochika Chosokabe, Xu Shu, Wang Yi, Yusuke Urameshi, Hibino Hareluya, Yusuke Fujisaki "Bossun", Saiki Kusuo, Tatsuya Shiba, and K'.

Below is a page I share with a friend where you can reach me if I want to communicate better. We share news and memes on but not limited to Persona, Fallout, Minecraft, Pokémon, DBZ, Smash Bro's and much more.
Yo Peeps, just wanted to chat.


What games are you looking forward to in the next 12 months, anyone hyped for Fallout 4?


Have you finished reading mah story Tsuwamono Shijin yet? I finished it last week, all 22 chapters are up if you wanna read.


Any characters of mine you like a lot?


Do the weapon designs here look alright? Mystery girls

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