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Lita the Dead (Unexpected Saga) by TheTalon34
Lita the Dead (Unexpected Saga)
Name: Lita
Height: 4'5"
Gender: Female
More Coming....after I write the next chapter XP
Early the next morning the two left Jacia City after another quick meal once again this time heading south.
Aria looked fairly tired while Claire sill retained her energy as the two moved across the Emeral Plains which gave way to a desert type area, the further they went the more hostile monsters they encountered however they still weren't met with anything too difficult.
"Ugh so man monsters and it's sooooo hot" Claire said as the continued on.
"Come on Claire, if we want to save the others we have to keep going. Anyways we've only been at it for an hour or so" Aria said as the two came to an area filled with what seemed to be ruins.
"Where do we even need to look Ari?" Claire said as she stopped for a second to rest on a piece of broken building.
"Hmm, the note didn't say" Aria says as suddenly a loud roar can be heard, followed by the sound of something rising from the sand.
A large sand colored creature then emerged from the ruins around them, it looked to have sharp talons and yet had an insect like structure.
"A Desert Mantra!" Aria yelled in response to this as the creature then burrowed its way back into the ground.

"Watch for it to come back up!" Aria screamed to Claire as she took out her weapon.
The creature then emerged from the ground and and lunges at Claire who quickly rolls out of the way as the creature misses and moves straight back into the ground. The two stood wand waited, trying to listen for it when suddenly they began to see a large mass of sand gather in the center as it began to pull the sand towards it as well as them.
"What's going on?" Claire said surprised by this.
"It must be the monster's doing...ugh....stand strong Claire!" Aria yelled as the two tried their best to not be pulled in.
Almost as soon as the whirlpool of sand started it stopped, just as the creature then emerged in it's place.
"Raggggh!!!" The creature let out a loud roar causing the two to cover their ears.
With Aria still reeling from the roar the creature then sets its sights on Claire as it charges right at her.
When suddenly a loud "Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!" is heard followed by the sight of a robed figure slicing through the creature with a large sword.

As the figure slices through it, the Desert Mantra falls to the ground dead in two halves.
"Who are..." Aria questioned as the figure stood with his sword on his back.
"Heh" The hooded man said as he removed his hood to reveal a familiar face.
"Ugh, you knuckle head, where have you been!" Claire says with a half mocking half happy tone as she approaches Allister.
But as she comes closer Allister points his sword at her, "Woah, hold on there pipsqueak, I'm not here to make friends"
"Claire get back!" Aria yelled as Claire backed away from Allister. "What are you saying Allister?" Aria then questions her teammate.
"I'm part of the big league's not, I don't have time for pipsqueaks and losers anymore." Allister said waving his sword at the two.
"Quit playing around you idiot and come help us..woah!" Claire says as Allister swings his sword at her.

Aria examines Allister and notices a different look in his eyes and thus comes to a conclusion.
"Stat back Claire, he's clearly not in control of himself anymore!" Aria said as she again reached for her weapon.
"Heh, that's what you say, but have you considered people just don't like you?" Allister says as he readies himself to strike.
"Ugh, I'll snap him out of it then!" Claire yells as she charges at Allister, blades in hand.
"Terra slash!" Allister then says as he swings his blade around dragging it across the ground and then slashing upwards causing the earth in front of him to fly upwards and send Claire backwards a bit.
"Claire!" Aria yells as she charges forward a bit and then tosses her spinner at Allister who then proceeds to block it with his sword one handed. The spinner blades begin to spin rapidly against his sword as the two remain in deadlock.
"Not bad, too bad for you I'm much stronger" Allister says as he makes a push forward sending Aria's spinner flying backwards. The sword then disappears as he charges at Aria with incredible speed, his sword reappears in his other hand as he slashes through her with it.
"You were..ugh..never this fast" Aria says as she struggles to stay on her feet.
"Zenith is way more powerful then you, you shouldn't be that surprised hahahaha!" Allister says as he walks back towards her with his sword pointed straight at her.

Just as Allister gets close enough to strike Claire can be heard screaming "Aaaaariiiii!"
Just then Claire is suddenly seen rushing at Allister from the side. Allister responds by blocking her strike one handed with his sword.
She however does not stop her as she quickly dodges to the side and tries again, as he blocks again, repeating this cycle over and over.
As this continues Aria regains her composure and reels her spinner back as the red energy blades begin to spin and expand a bit.
"Get back!" Aria screams as on cue Claire makes one last strike and then jumps backwards. Now in her line of fire Aria begins slashing her spinner at Allister as energy blades fire at him repeatedly from it.
"Wheel of Fortune-Barrage!" Aria yells as she continues to bombard Allister until he begins to fall to his knees.
As Aria let's loose a final shot she reels her spinner back in and it's blades stop spinning as she begins to try and catch her breath.
"Huff...huff....Al....ister...." She says as she slowly makes her way over to him.
"Ugh....oww....what...happened..." Allister said as held his head in his hand. As he looked up at Aria approaching him, it could be seen the weird look in his eyes from before had disappeared.
" okay?" Aria asks as she tries to help Allister up.
"I...guess...what's going on, w-what am I wearing?" Allister questions as Claire walks back up to the two.
"Good going idiot, you almost killed us!" Claire said as she folded her arms and gave a pouty face.
"I..I'm sorry guys haha...I honestly have no idea what's going on" Allister says as Aria begins to slump down a bit and he catches her and props her on his shoulder.
"You...huff...were under....their control" Aria tried to explain.
"Hold on, we need to get you to somewhere..well better than here" Allister said as he began to help carry her on his shoulder.
"Let's go back to the city...we are close enough right?" Allister asked.
"Yes, let's hurry, Ari doesn't need to be out in this heat!" Claire said as the three began their journey back to Jacia City.

Soon they came close to the city entrance after two long hours of avoiding monsters and helping Aria along the way.
"Ugh...damn your heavy....don't tell me you have more muscle than me?" Allister says as they stop for a moment.
"I can make it the rest of the way" Aria said giving a weak smile as the three made their way back to the inn and payed for a room for yet another night.
In their room the three begin to discuss the events that have unfolded.
"Oh crap...I guess I should've stayed with the others huh? Hikari and Castor went their separate way from me and Claire, and then I got sidetracked by an abandoned dojo." Allister said rubbing his head.
"And now we need to find them, do you have any idea where to look?" Aria questioned as she took a sip of some water from a bottle beside her.
"Uhm....not really...w-wait! the robe?" Allister said as he began to frantically check the various parts of the robe he was wearing.
"Hold on I think I found something!" He yells as he brings out a piece of paper like the previous ones they had dealt with before.
"*sigh* Let me see it" Aria said as he handed it to her, the two then crowded around her as she read the following.

"You have done well to come this far, however things will only get harder from here on out. First you must go back to where this all began and look for a hidden passage way. There you will find a friend and a foe......

As she read this Aria began to look very frustrated.
"Dammit! I'm tired of all this!" Aria yelled as she threw the note to the floor.
"Yeah I mean what the the hell does that even mean? 'Go back to where this all began' Ugh..." Allister said as the three began to mull things over.
"Maybe it means the contacts know the place you went to while we all went our separate ways Ari?" Claire said as the other two took this under consideration.
"Maybe, if that's the case then maybe we should rest a bit" Aria said as she took another drink.
"Alright we'll go by there later then...but have our stuff right? I kinda don't want to be wearing these robes all day"  Allister said motioning at his clothing.
"Hahaha yes here..." Aria said as she brought out a duffle bag with various things in it.
"Alright!" Allister said as he took out a pair of clothes and changed in the bathroom.

And thus the three spent a few hours resting for the task ahead.
The next morning Aria and Claire woke up refreshed and after a quick meal headed out from Jacia City.

"Ari, we are going to find them right?" Claire asked as the two started their long journey east.
"Of course, were a mercenary band, most of us don't have anyone else so all we have is each other." Aria assured Claire as they made their way out from the town through the plains to the east.
"Well they should've been more careful, hmph" Claire says trying to play off her worry for her friends.
"Hahaha of course and that's why I know they're fine, even if they were captured I'm sure they put up one hell of a fight" Aria replied to Claire as the two continued.

Along the way they ran into a few low, level monsters, but nothing to big of a threat.
"You seem to be doing great today Claire" Aria said giving her "sister" a warming smile.
"Of course, I have years of experience you know" Claire smiled back.
"Oh I almost forgot" Aria said half-mockingly as Claire responded with a "hey!" and then she began to pout a little as Aria just laughed back.

Eventually the two came to what seemed an abandoned town that looked like an old fortified town.
"This must be the place, never heard of it before though" Aria said as they walked into the town observing the steel structures and such.
As they made their way to the center of town they were met by a man in strange robes.
As they approached Aria put her hand in front of Claire to motion her to stay back.
"Ah, you must be the person our leader sent me to meet" The man said.
"Are you Zenith?" Aria asked remembering the end of the letter.
"I am afraid not, that is our leader, but I'm afraid you aren't at liberty to be asking many questions her" The man said a hint of pride in his voice.
"Tell us where are friends are at!" Claire blurted out as Aria then motioned for her to calm down.
"Ugh...what an annoying brat, it's unfortunate that Zenith wants you to hand her over to us and then be about your way" The man said disgusted.
"What, I would never!" Aria said beginning to lose her cool.
"I would reconsider if I were you, you have no idea the power the Cult of Zenith holds" The man said with a smirk barely visible under his hood.
"Yeah well you can shove off, you're not getting Claire!" Aria said as Claire nodded in agreement.
The area then went quiet as the man began to chuckle.
"I was hoping you would say that, it's honestly been a while since I've had a good fight" The man said as began to hold his hands out, when suddenly two gun-like devices appear in his hands.
"They call me Boman the Deadshot" He says as he removes his hood to reveal his head. He look as if to be no older than Aria, with a scar below his left eye and blonde hair with three large strands parted to the left side.
"Cut the dramatics, I'm not playing any games here" Aria says as she brings out her weapon.
"Ahahaha you need to lighten up, this is nothing but a game you know!" Boman says as he quickly disappears.
"Where'd he go!" Aria screams as she looks around furiously for him.
"Up here sweety!" Boman says as he reappears on a small building behind them and fires off a few shots.
"Agh!" Aria screams as the shots hit her in the back and she stumbles a bit before regaining her footing.
Boman then disappears again as Aria turns around to see him gone and then looks around again for him.
"I kind of feel bad for having to beat someone so slooooow" Boman says as he appears again and fires a stronger shot at her, bringing Aria to her knees.
"Hahahaha" He laughs as he disappears once again.
"Ari!" Claire yells as she approaches Aria to help her up.
"Aww how adorable, I know I'm supposed to bring you back with me, but maybe I'll kill you instead!" Boman says as he appears between Claire and Aria. However almost on instinct Claire quickly takes out her blades and slashes him causing him to disappear again as he lets out a grunt of pain.
"Gah....dammit, how can one person react that fast?" He says still staying hidden.
"I'm not gonna let you pick on Ari!" Claire yells waiting for Boman to strike again.

As she waits Boman appears again, once again on top of a building and lets loose a torrent of shots at Aria. Claire however jumps in front blocking the shots with her blades.
" little brat!" Boman yells as he once again disappears.
Suddenly he appears right behind her ready to shoot, she however sweeps behind her bringing him to the ground.
"Ahh! That's not.....possible.." Boman says as he disappears once more, this time however he reappears atop another building but on his knees.
"I wont be outdone by a little brat!" Boman says as he regains his composure. He then spins his blasters and clicks a switch on both. Let's see you block this he says as he prepares to fire until he realizes Claire is gone.
"Huh...where the hell?" He says as suddenly he turns around to see her jump at him with a slash from her blades and sends him flying back to the ground near Aria.
He catches his footing though, just in time to hear Aria say "Wheel of Fortune-Imprisonment!"
Suddenly one of the wheels from her spinner flies off and hovers above him.
"Oh no you don't!" Boman yells as he tries to dodge to the left until he notices he can no longer move.
"My turn!" Claire yells as she jumps down from her place atop the building.
She then rushes at Boman and slices him repeatedly until he falls to his knee bloody.
The wheel above him then reattaches itself to Aria's weapon as the two circle him.
"*huff, huff* Hehehe you two are good, unfortunately I can't afford to lose here" Boman says as he suddenly begins to disappear, leaving behind a piece of paper where he stood.

"He got away, Ari what do we do?" Claire said as Aria picked up the piece of paper that reads as follows.
"This was predicted, however your next course of action is your choice alone. Below are directions to where your friends are being held, should you choose to pursue them know that you will be met with an even stronger opponent
Below that are directions saying to head south of Jacia City into the Agarma Desert.
"Whoever this is, is leading us on a wild goose chase!" Aria says angrily crumpling up the note.
"Are you okay Claire?" Aria then quickly says observing her friend.
"I'm tiiired" Claire says in return.
"I suppose we'll need to stay here for the night, we can sleep in of these abandoned buildings" Aria says as the two approach the nearest building to find the door is unlocked. As they walk in they find a mostly empty house besides an old sleeping mat on the floor.
"That's convenient" Aria says as she looks outside the window to see the sun beginning to set.
"Alright you sleep there, I'll keep watch" Aria says motioning Claire to get on the mat.
"I can take care of myself Ari, plus you need sleep too" Claire answers worriedly.
"Don't worry we'll head back to Jacia City tomorrow and stay another night there, then I can sleep" Aria says as Claire does as she was told.

That night Aria stayed up all night watching over Claire and thinking about her other teammates.
The next morning as soon as light could be seen Aria woke up Claire and told her they would be heading back to Jacia City.
They make their way back and get back to the city before noon, Aria goes back to see the old woman but finds that she is no longer there.
Distressed and worried she and Claire spend the day at the inn.
"Shouldn't we hurry though?" Claire said inquiring about her friend.
"It seems as though they need us alive, particularly you, remember what that man was saying? If that's so I think the rest of the team will be okay for a day more." Aria says as they spend that day and night resting.
"Are we there yet?" A little girl said as five figures made their way across a stretch of plains.

"According to the listing the contact is in Jacia City, which is across these plains" A young woman said as they all stopped for a moment.
"Ugh!" The little girl let out as she folded her arms.
"Bored eh, how about we turn this into a race? We race across the plains to the city entrance and the losers have to buy the winner something special." A young man with a fiery expression on his face said as the little girl merely shrugged.
"What's wrong can't handle a little challenge from the big boys?" The young man remarked mockingly.
The little girls face then lit up as she replied in anger "I'll show you" and then took off.
"Alright!!" The young man said as he sped to catch up to her.

Three more figures followed behind
"Those two are at it again eh?"  A silver haired young man with an annoyed expression says.
"How childish" A girl with glasses replied.
"Let them enjoy themselves hahaha" A female with a strong presence said as the three continued behind.
"Eh boss, you sure? You never know what kind of things can just pop up out here" The silver haired young man said.
"I say let them die" The girl with glasses added.
"No need to worry Castor those two can handle themselves and Hikari no need to be so heartless" The other female said to the two respectively.

As the three continued on a large roar was suddenly heard followed by rushing footsteps as a lion-like creature approached the two racers and stopped them in their tracks.
"Woah, what the!" The little girl said as the lion-like creature walked back and forth watching the two.
"Oh boy, I've been itching for a fight!" The young man said as he put his arm behind his back and a large sword began to form itself within his hand.
"Hold on you two, you're not fighting alone, one of us needs to watch to make sure no more show up!" The female without glasses said as the other two she was with nodded. Castor turned his back and released two small devices that create an energy field in front of him as Hikari pulled a large crossbow type weapon from her back.
"I-I don't need your help Ari, I can handle this all by myself!" The little girl yelled back as she pulled two strangely shaped blades from her back.
"I know everyone ready!" The one the little girl referred to as 'Ari' said as the lion-like creature readied itself to pounce.

As the creature begins it's attack, the young man with the large sword seemingly swats it away sending it flying a little before it catches itself and lands on its feet. Then Hikari fires torrent of bolts at with her crossbow, 4/5 bolts hitting. The creature reels back before beginning to charge the group again, this time the little girl charges back at high speed. She then seems to disappear and reappear multiple times before rushing back to the group. The creature stunned by the multiple hits and moving slower because of a substance attached to the bolts from the crossbow begins to slump it's way back to them.

"Wheel of Fortune-Onslaught!" The other female then uttered as she lunged forward with her weapon's blades spinning rapidly, the two blades then detach themselves and fly at the creature slicing him repeatedly as well as expanding. Eventually it's too much for the creature and it falls to the ground dead as the blades return to normal size and return to their holder.

"Haha alright, we did it boss!" The young man with the large sword said as the sword then disappeared once again.
"You two need to be more careful though, especially you Allister" Castor said as he let down the shield and returned the devices to his pocket.
"Says the guy who wasn't even fighting." Allister replies mockingly as Castor merely shoots him an angry look.
"Ugh" Hikari says as she watches the two.
"He's right though, you guys coulda been in trouble had we not been there" The other female says as she examines the creature to make sure it's dead.
"I was great out there though, right Aria?" Claire asked hoping for some praise.
"Of course Claire, but that's not the point. Anyways we should hurry ahead before another attacks, no more stopping until we are inside the city." Aria says as she motions the rest to follow her.

Later that day as the group finally arrives in the city they all observe their surroundings.
"Hey Ari, can we take a break yet?" Claire asks as the rest of the group awaits an answer.
"Fine, you all check out the city but stay close. I'm going to get the job details from the contact" Aria says as she leaves the others to find her destination. She walks around for some time before coming to an old looking building seemingly cut off from the rest of the city.
"Hmm I guess this is the place" Aria said before looking inside through a mirror, the room is to dark for her to see anything. She then opens the door and enters, making her way into a hallway and then into another room straight ahead.

"Who goes there?" An old woman calls out through the darkness of the room.
"I found your job listing, I am here to discuss the terms and details" Aria replied back as the room echoed her sentence back.
"Ah yes, hold on one second" The old woman replied her tone changing to a bit more inviting one as a small light from a lamp came on in the center of the room.
"Come, sit my dear" The woman says as Aria follows her instructions and sits in a chair beside her.
"I thought no one was going to come to be honest, but I suppose we don't have time to diddle daddle now do we?" The old woman said followed by a warm laugh and then a sigh.
"My grandson has been gone for almost two years now, any time I ask someone to look for him they merely shrug me off." The old woman said as Aria listened intently. "I need you and whoever may be with you to go and find him" The woman finished.
"Alright, what can you tell me about his disappearance?" Aria questioned.
"Well....I believe he has been a cult" The old woman said as the room went quiet for a bit before Aria spoke up.
"You are paying the amount listed on the job posting right?" Aria asked.
"Of course deary, I would never lead you along, I will pay in full as soon as you return my grandson to me" The old woman said with a warm smile.
"Where would I begin looking?" Aria asked.
"I believe the cult has a base of operations in the mountains north of here, something about their leader being born in a cave or something"
The old woman said.
"One last thing, how well armed and trained are these guys?" Aria asked questioningly.
"That I don't know, but if you have a team you should be okay" The old woman answered.
"Alright then, we'll bring back your grandson, you prepare our payment" Aria said as she got up from her seat and prepared to leave.
"Okay deary, do be careful though hahahaha" The woman said as Aria began to leave, she however staggered backwards as her head began to feel fuzzy.
Aria was brought to her knees before she managed to regain her standing and continued out of the building into the midday air.
"Ugh...what was that about, am I coming down with something?" Aria questioned as she made her way back to the inner city to find her teammates.

After hours of searching Aria found no trace of the rest of her team that was until a little girl ran up to her yelling.
It was Claire, it appeared she had been lost for a while but as soon as she approached Aria she hugged her.
"Oh I'm glad I found you Claire, where are the others?" Aria questioned as she returned the embrace.
"I dunno, we got separated and I haven't been able to find any of them" Claire answered with a worried look.
Just then a strange man approaches them and hands Aria a note, then walks off.
The note reads as follows:
"I know of the request you have been given, if you want to see your friends again you will meet me at the abandoned town due east of Jacia City.
As Aria and Claire finished reading the note they looked around for the man but he seemed to have already left.
Troubled Claire asked Aria, "Does this have something to do with out job?"
"Maybe, for now though our only choice is to go east of the city. For now though I say we spend the night at the inn here and gather our strength" Aria answered.
"What about that strange man?" Claire then asked as Aria began to make her way to the inn.
"I don't think he's gonna bother us, otherwise why would he have been sent to give us that note instead of kill us in the first place?" Aria answered as the two walked into the inn, payed for a room, and went to rest for the night.
Aria Sheet by TheTalon34
Aria Sheet
Since I didn't draw her full body I had to make this for future reference
Includes her weapon the Wheel Spinner, her fighting style involves moves she calls "Wheel of Fortune" moves


Dylan Garcia
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
The name's Dylan Garcia and I am a video game fanatic.
Some of my favorite games are: Soul Calibur series, Persona series, Fallout series Dynasty Warriors series, Samurai Warriors series, Warriors Orochi series,
Skullgirls, J-Stars Victory Vs, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, and Minecraft among others.

My Youtube channel:…

Favourite Characters: Sol Badguy, Sho Shinjo, Ma Dai, Dante (New and Old), Aigis, Naoto Shirogane, Yoshitsune Minamoto, Motochika Chosokabe, Xu Shu, Wang Yi, Yusuke Urameshi, Hibino Hareluya, Yusuke Fujisaki "Bossun", Saiki Kusuo, Tatsuya Shiba, and K'.

Below is a page I share with a friend where you can reach me if I want to communicate better. We share news and memes on but not limited to Persona, Fallout, Minecraft, Pokémon, DBZ, Smash Bro's and much more.
Hello Playstation All Stars community, I have much to talk about regarding the MUGEN Fan Game Clash of the Icons.

First off I am no member of the team therefore asking me questions wont do a whole lot of good as I don't have most of the answers, you can go here to contact the actual members of the team:

Deviantart Group:
Youtube Channels:
Facebook Group:…
Wix Site:
(There are forums here in which you can contact them on, including a sign up spot if you can help with sprite sheets for the various characters)

Secondly I've been keeping up to date with the two pieces I have up and the guys were kind enough to use what I made and put it on the front page of the site, so thank you guys.
You can view the individual pieces here:

Wallpaper (Not up to date but close to it): Clash of the icons wallpaper
Original with transparent background: Clash of the Icons
The second one is up to date according to characters on the site, which leads to the next big concern. The team needs more spriters, they've made it very clear that it will be difficult to reach the maximum potential of what they have planned for the roster if they don't get more people to help as there are only two people working on sprites at the moment. I would volunteer myself but I don't really know how and I'm not sure if I can really learn how in time to help. So I'm asking you guys if you or someone you know can do sprites and sprite sheets for MUGEN then contact the guys and let them know. This could be a great thing for the community even though these guys are limited they still hold the hopes of the PSABR community behind them so lend them a hand.

Finally here is the latest stage they've updated the site with:!…

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