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Shiki Talon:
A product of the "Power-Chip Project", she spent her life isolated until eventually she was driven from her home country by the authorities. After settling into her new home however she is approached by an unfamiliar man.

Kazaki Imagawa:
A Japanese scientist formerly associated with the "Power-Chip Project" under the Human Weapon Association, he now leads a small force in apprehending those who took part in the project and now use their power for evil. He has a cybernetic arm with a chip implanted to help him track down those with chips as well.
"Who are you and how did you find me?" Shiki questions the man in front of her, he seems out of place at her door and seems to have his arm in a sling.
"I do apologize for dropping in unexpectedly, but I have much to discuss with you. Perhaps we could have a seat to chat?" The strange man asks as Shiki reluctantly let's him afterwards examining the outside of her house before closing the door.
"I'm sorry, it's just been a rough time lately for me" Shiki says apologetically.
"Could I interest you in a cup of coffee perhaps?" She asks making her way to the kitchen.
"Haha that would be delightful as I have a lot to say." The man said waiting on the couch in the middle of the living room.
"By the way, what is your name?" Shiki questioned pouring the coffee beans into the pot.
"I am Kazaki Imagawa a...scientist...if you will" He said a bit nervously.
"What business do you have with me?" Shiki questioned further as the pot boiled.
"Well miss um Talon was it? I am with the organization whom helped payed for this trip and home for you. I have come to propose something to you on behalf of our lead funding partner." Kazaki says as Shiki brings the cups of coffee to the table in front of him.
"Propose? I thought all expenses were paid because of my....condition" Shiki said as she sat down.
"Well yes but, your help is needed Miss Talon. First though..." Kazaki hesitates for a second before continuing. "Your 'condition' is my fault, the strange things you are capable of and that led you to be driven from your home are effects of an experiment that was done to you at birth." Kazaki says as he takes a sip of coffee. Shiki can be seen grimacing a bit as she takes in what was said.
"However, you are not alone, there were numerous others who also took part in this experiment, some around your age, and others older. You see it was necessary to perform the experiment on many diff.." Kazaki is interrupted however by Shiki.
"Just tell me why you came to see ME" She says angrily.
"Ah...yes, straight to the point. You see not all those affected led a life like fact some ended up using the powers granted to them for their own personal gain. Even going so far as killing countless others and then eluding authorities, it's quite a mess, a mess that I want to clean up. It's my fault so many people have been negatively affected by this and I want to make it right." Kazaki explained as Shiki looked on with both anger and surprise.
"So in short I need your help, you are the only one who took part in the experiment who seems reliable enough to aid us in this endeavor of capturing the people in question" Kazaki ended as he finished his coffee.
"If I refuse?" Shiki questioned.
Kazaki's face went downwards as he almost seemed to be in pain.
"I can't say....but keep in mind you would be doing a lot of good by capturing these people who misuse their powers."
"*sigh* I...suppose I could at least try, if capturing these people will do at least a little good it can't hurt." Shiki replied.
"Ah thank you!" Kazaki said a smile returning to his face.
" do you expect to capture these people?" Shiki questioned.
"I will explain everything tomorrow, are you available to come visit me tomorrow at my lab?" Kazaki questioned as he stood up.
"I suppose so, but.." Shiki gets out before Kazaki makes for the door.
"Wonderful! I will see you around noon, someone will be sent to retrieve you. Good day!" He said as she walked out the door leaving Shiki sitting alone.
"Oh man....why me of all people?" Shiki said staring into nothing as she slouched back a little.

Next Day
Around 11AM the next day a car arrived at Shiki's house and the sound of a horn could be heard. Shiki made her way outside to find a seemingly normal car with tinted windows. She walked to the back side behind the passenger side, opened the door, and got in.
The first thing she noticed was that the man in the drivers seat seemed to be wearing a mask or helmet of sorts to hide his face as well as a long coat to conceal his body.
The car took off as the two remained silent for a while, eventually Shiki spoke up.
"So....what's your name?" Shiki asked nervously.
"Not important, sorry" a somewhat distorted voice said back.
"Oh...o..k?" Shiki said as she looked around the car for something to take her mind off of things.
Eventually they arrived at a strange building near the outskirts of town, as they pulled in another man was waiting at the door.
Shiki got out and examined the building as the man at the door motioned her over.
"Good morning Miss, I will lead you to where Dr. Imagawa is currently" The man said as Shiki followed behind.
As they walked into the building a less suspicious scenario was playing out as many people with lab coats were seen typing away at computers or turnings dial and such. As the man led her away from the center room they made their way down a long hall way until they came to a big door with a large "DO NOT DISTURB" sign on it as well as a strange lock mechanism.
"Touch the lock mechanism and it should let you in, this is as far as I go" The man said as he made his way back.
Shiki nodded and turned back around to the door as she put her hand on the lock mechanism a voice could be heard from somewhere.
"Number 003 access acknowledged welcome!" the door mechanism glowed blue and green before releasing and opening to let Shiki in.
As she walked in she was greeted by Kazaki.
"Ah, you are 1.90 seconds late!" Kazaki says from behind a work station as he walks out towards Shiki.
" did you set up a door like that?" Shiki questions back to Kazaki.
"Science haha no but it senses people based on how they are in my database. You are the third therefore you are 003..." Kazaki said proudly.
"Who are the other two?" Shiki questioned as she looked around.
"I am obviously number 1, number 2 is...a secret." He said as he quickly turned behind him and grabbed something from the table.
"Tell me, have you eve used a weapon before?" He asked Shiki.
"No..not really, why?" She said staring at the thing in his hand.
" why" He said as he handed it to her.
"All my men you see around carry what I call a Viper, which is  a sword designed especially by me. However what you are holding is a special Viper, let's call it the Mk II." He says once again sounding proud.
"This is all nice and all, but don't we have some things to discuss?" Shiki questioned holding the thing in her hands.
"Later my dear, for now I need you to test this out. First off I want you to give that dummy a few swings as hard as you can." Kazaki said pointing to a dummy in the corner of the area.
"Ugh...fine.." Shiki said as she approached the dummy, she stopped just in front of it and then clutched the sword in her hands.
"Now!" Kazaki said as Shiki took her first strike at the dummy.
"Again!" He said as she reeled back and struck once more.
"Good that is the function of a normal viper however yours had more to it." Kazaki said as approached her and brought a rectangular object to her. "This is what I call the 'Beam' attachment. If I understood your powers correctly it would mean you can focus your energy to different forms no?" He said as Shiki looked on confused.
"Okay how about this, just focus your energy on forcing the energy out of that attachment" He says as he clips the 'beam' attachment to the sword.
Shiki looks at him a bit annoyed and then back at the sword just before closing her eyes.
"Good now focus!" He said as a blue energy started to gather at the tip and force it's way into a blade shape.
"Just a little more, good, now once you do that it'll stay like that until you change attachments again. Without you having to worry about maintaining it." Kazaki explained as he walked over with another blade and attachment clip in his arms.
"However this is the one I'm most proud of, with this you can use your telekinesis to control the blade while leaving focus to do other things as well." He said as he attached the new parts to the sword and handed it back.
"Go ahead and swing it a bit" He said as he walked back to his observation spot.
Shiki then began swing the blade, lightly at first, but eventually started swinging faster and making the blade separate further from the handle.
"Now push it into the dummy!" Kazaki said as Shiki followed instructions, the blade flew from the handle and into the dummy's torso.
"That is the capability of the Viper Mk II, impressive isn't it?" Kazaki said proudly as he took the sword from Shiki and motioned her towards the table.
"I guess..but now we really need to go over the details of what we talked about yesterday" Shiki said impatiently.
"Ah yes, so what is you need details on?" Kazaki said stroking his chin.
"Well first, how are we to capture the people?" Shiki questioned.
"Haha! I was hoping you would ask that, look here" Kazaki said as he grabbed what seemed to be some odd looking handcuffs.
"I know what you're thinking, some weird looking cuffs are going to capture these guys? Well I'll have you know these are especially made for people who have a chip implanted in them. For example.." Kazaki then pulls up one sleeve to reveal a metallic but skin colored arm.
"My arm has a chip implanted in it that helps me track down others, so if I were to put the handcuffs on it.." He proceeds to put a cuff on his hand as his arm suddenly goes limp while he himself begins to wobble a little.
" causes the...uh can you get this off me?" He said as Shiki walked up to him and removed the cuff.
"Phew.....anyways it causes the person it's on to lose movement in their limbs as well as other symptoms. This is how we will catch them and you also now know how we'll track them down. Anything else?" Kazkaki questioned Shiki who took a second to process everything.
"What will happen once we capture someone?" Shiki asked worriedly.
"Do not worry, we will bring them back here and house them, try and reform them if you will." Kazaki said as he regained his composure from the cuffs.
"When do we start?" Shiki questioned.
"Soon, I will contact you when we have a target. For now if there are no other questions you may leave if you wish." Kazaki said as he picked up the viper Mk II and handed it to her.
"Oh and one more thing, we have a uniform for you."He says as he picks up a stack of folded clothes from the table and also hands it to her.
"I hope you don't mind, but I think it should be your size." He says as he walks back to behind his table.
"I will see you soon Miss Talon" He says as Shiki walks out of the lab.
Suddenly a screen behind his table turns on as a staticy figure appears on it.
"Ah what timing the girl just left, everything is in order. We will be rehabilitating the others soon" Kazaki said happily.
"Yes, rehabilitating, just make sure you keep up the good job Mr. Imagawa." The voice on the other end says.
"Do not worry, soon all my sins will be made up for....."
Chapter 1
Kind of the "intro" chapter to my new (unnamed) series featuring main protagonist Shiki Talon.
Calin vs Axel by TheTalon34
Calin vs Axel
:iconsalvy35z: 's character Calin vs mine Axel
Much different from my regular stuff more....uhm well different hope you like it
Saiki Chibi by TheTalon34
Saiki Chibi
Something a little different, it's been a while since I did a fan art, so here's a chibi version of Saiki Kusuo from my favorite current running Shonen Jump manga Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan


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