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Ren Shi  and Xander Design by TheTalon34
Ren Shi and Xander Design
Ren Shi is a young teenage girl who had a curse put on her, now hunted by evil spirits she has fled from her home to find the person responsible for this curse and kill him so she can return home peacefully.
One day she learns the horrible truth of her situation however, she is not real...or was not at first. She started out a character created by Sai Ono, an aspiring manga artist. One day a being invaded Sai's head and tried to take control, he was successful but not before a few of the characters in Sai's imagination escaped into the real world. This included Tag, Dustin T. Shadows, Xander, and Ren Shi herself.

Not long after Ren Shi was brought to another dimension and forced to take part in a gladiatorial program held by The One. After being rescued Ren Shi now wanders the dimensions with the help of friends in order to find Sai who has changed his name to Blake.

Height: 5'9"
Age: 18
Weapon: Large Sword and Throwing Blades

Xander is a spirit who was given permission to inhabit a stuffed cat's body
He has tears on his body and extra sharp claws
"It actually worked?" Yen Si then said as he looked around him.
"Well, well look who it is" Demetris said meanwhile, looking in Yula and Scar's direction.
"Oh those two they-" Yen Si began as suddenly Demetris and Finch had to hold Leena back.
"Let me go, she needs to pay!" Leena yelled as she tried to break free.
"Not very smart there girly, the girl she's with happens to pack quite a punch herself." The spirit Anonicus said.

Back with Scar and Yula, the warrior had clutched her spear as Scar motioned for he to stand back.
"Hold on, if you go down there and fight them all you'll be at a clear disadvantage. At least until I can get down there to aid you" Scar said as she clutched a strange baton with cloth wrapped around it.
"Then what do we do?" Yula questioned.
At that Scar began to make her way down the hill to the field below while saying to Yula behind her.
"I'll go first, they can't kill me anyways, not naturally at least. When I signal you follow" she said confidently.

The group looked on as Scar confidently strode towards them, Finch and Leena readied their weapons as she neared.
"If it isn't the mightier than thou kitty." Anonicus said mockingly.
"Hmph, I see you finally found someone gullible enough to give you what you needed to escape that realm. Now what are you going to do, cause mischief I bet." Scar said looking at Anonicus with a watchful eye.
"Something like that, you see we actually made a deal and...well of course I intend to honor it" Anonicus said in a sing-song manner.
At that moment Demetris pushed his way past Scar before she quickly blocked his path again.

"If you will excuse me, I have a certain warrior girl to get my revenge on, so get out of my way!" Demetris then demanded as he pointed a closed steel fan at Scar.
Scar then looked at Demetris with a straight face before using her finger to slowly push the fan to the side, away from her face.
"Well I'm afraid you will have to go through me and..." Scar began as Demetris opened his fan and a shockwave sent her reeling backwards.
"You were saying?" Demetris said with a smirk.

As Scar dusted herself off and regained her composure Demetris slowly continued his advance towards Yula.
"Surprising to say the least, but now it's my turn" Scar then said confidently as she pointed her baton at Demetris and a pillar of white energy rose from the ground below him.
Demetris then barely manages to jump back before it hits him before looking at Scar with distaste.
"Ahh I see it how this going to go down then, Finch I will need your help with this one" Demetris then said still keeping his eye on Scar.

At that moment Finch let Leena go and began advancing on Scar.
"Please, I'm not scared of big guys like this." Scar said as she pointed her baton at Finch and an energy projectile fired out of it towards Finch.
Finch then began charging at Scar with his shield forward and blocked the attack before closing in on Scar and slicing at her with his sword.
Scar reels back from the attack, it barely brazing her arm, but Finch then grabs her with his other hand and lifts her into the air.
"Strong with that magic, but you can't take a tough guy like me in a brawl can you?" Finch said smiling.

Meanwhile Leena had already started making her way up to Yula, who decided to meet her halfway.
As the closed in, they immediately began taking strikes at one another. One would dodge and then counter only for the other to do the same, back and forth until Leena finally managed to hut Yula in the arm making her drop her spear.
"I'm going to enjoy erasing you from this place!!" Leena then yelled as she knocked Yula to the ground with a hit to the head.
Just as Leena was about to stomp on Yula's head however, four figures emerged from the portal from before.
"Hurry!" The familiar voice of Elder Yun said as an icy man and a fiery woman rushed towards Leena and Finch respectively.

Leena quickly turned to see a fiery woman rushing at her with axe in hands.
"I'll finish you later then!" Leena said to Yula as she charged to meet the newcomer.
Yula tried her best to sit up and managed to catch a glimpse of the woman she knew to be Aurora now fighting Leena.
"A....Aurora?" Yula muttered as she watched the woman trade attacks with Leena.
At the same time Finch dropped Scar just in time to block a spear attack from the icy man.

The man then quickly got in front of Scar to block Finch from attacking her again.
"Who might you be?" Scar said as she dusted herself off again.
"My name is Vincent now stay behind me, I will take care of him" Vincent said as she pointed his spear at Finch.
Finch looked at Vincent and smiled before yelling "Alright then, take this!" and attacking him.
Vincent blocked the attack with his spear and then let loose an icy shockwave that sent Finch reeling back.

As the two pairs continued fighting Yen Si was approached by Elder Yun and an unknown man.
"You will pay for this old man!" Yen Si said as he prepared to attack Elder Yun.
Just then however, the mysterious man beside Elder Yun took a strangely shaped gold blade from it's holster and blocked Yen Si from attacking.
"Who are you?!" Yen Si questioned angrily.
"You may call me Moski, now I advise you stay put rather then force me to have to cut you down boy" Moski said sternly.
Yen Si scowled and gave a "Tch" as he stepped away from the two and focused on the fighting before him.

Finch and Vincent could be seen trading attacks, as Finch would attempt to hit Vincent he would block with spear before going for a counter swing. Finch would then swipe the attack away with his shield before again attacking Vincent. This would continue until Finch finally grabs Vincent's spear and pulls it from his arms.
"Whatcha gonna do now blue man, can you fight without your fancy spear?" Finch said mockingly as he tossed the spear away with ease.
Vincent looked unshaken at the loss of his spear however as he quickly got into a fighting stance an inched towards Finch.
"Alright then, this is where things get fun" Finch said with a smirk as he threw his sword down and moved towards Vincent in return.

The two quickly entered into a deadlock, both trying to push the other down with their arms.
Finch looked confident but soon enough Vincent had the advantage and eventually forced him to the ground.
"I'm a lot stronger then I look, now stay down" Vincent said as he put his right leg on Finch's chest.
Further towards the hill Leena and Aurora were still fighting back and forth until eventually Leena brought Aurora to the ground with strikes to the kneecaps.
"You fought well, but now this is where yo-" She began to say as Aurora threw out her hand and a fiery shockwave shot towards Leena sending her reeling backwards.
"Ha look who's on top now, stay down will ya?" Aurora said as she lunged at Leena and pinned her down.

With Leena and Finch pinned down Demetris and Yen Si looked at each other worriedly.
"It seems your two minions are down, perhaps now you will surrender and go back to the Phantom Realm?" Scar said as she slowly inched towards Demetris.
Demetris began to back away as he looked back to see Moski blocking his way.
"You've been outplayed Demetris...yet again" Moski said as he clutched his blade.
"! I will not be defeated by you again!" Demetris said as he pointed his fan at Moski and a burst of energy shot him backwards.
"Yula defeated you, or should I say she caused you defeat. All I did was facilitate the fall of your forces afterwards" Moski said as he regained his composure.

At that moment Yula had grabbed Yen Si and tossed next to Demetris.
"You two aren't going anywhere!" Yula said as she pointed her spear at them.
The four then surrounded the two as they began to panic.
"Surely you have some way out of this!" Demetris said to Yen Si.
"....this was your idea" Yen Si eventually said as the four began to close in.
Just then however, Scar's eyes glowed a bright yellow and she let loose a shockwave that separated her and the two men from Yula, Elder Yun, and Moski.

"Took you long enough, you almost made us think you had abandoned us!" Yen Si said to Scar.
"Now this..this feels great, she has so much mystical power it's unreal!" Anonicus said now from Scar's body.
"Hmph we fell right into their plan how foolish of me" Moski then said as he adjusted his glasses.
"Knock the other two out and find some way to tie them up! We'll handle these three!" Yula said as Vincent and Aurora followed her commands.
Yula then approached Anonicus cautiously with spear in hands as Moski and Elder Yun stood back.
"Not another step girly, or I'll blast you back to where you belong...the Phantom Realm!" Anonicus said as he pointed Scar's baton at Yula.

"Let her go or fight!" Yula said as she clutched her spear in hands.
"Haha you're brave girly...and stupid, fine then let's get this started then!" Anonicus said as he raised Scar's baton to the sky and a white glow emitted from it while changing to a purple color.
Without another word Anonicus then pointed the baton back at Yula as a wave of purple energy flew towards her.
Yula braced herself as the energy washed over her and began to cause her immense pain.

As the attack finished Anonicus smirked at the staggered Yula who was struggling to move.
"One attack girly, one attack was all it took." He then said to Yula.
"I....wont die that easily....I have people to protect now" Yula said as she managed to move towards Anonicus a bit.
"Heh you can still fight? Well then, I guess I'll make it a more fair one for a bit then. I'll let you take a hit now haha" Anonicus said smugly as Yula continued moving towards him.
"Hold on!" Moski then said from behind as he grabbed Yula by the shoulder.
"What are you doing?! Let me....fight" Yula said.
"If you attack him while he's in her body...she'll feel it" Moski said grimly.

Yula's eyes went wide as she took this piece of information in, now not knowing what to do Moski then leaned in and whispered.
"However if we buy some time, he'll be forced out of her body. By that point Elder has a scroll to contain him" He whispered.
"Then....let's fight him togethere" Yula said as Anonicus smirked at the two ahead of them.
Dynasty Moski by TheTalon34
Dynasty Moski
Age: 38 before death
Height: 5 ft 9 in

Dynasty Moski's story is that of an intellectual thrust into chaos within the region, seeking to put an end to it he joins an army, he quickly proves to be the best strategist for them and helps them gain victory after victory. It is at the final battle that Dynastymoski pulls out his ultimate strategy, however as his leader wins the fight he quickly uncovers a plot of a rival strategist to take over by killing his leader. Too late however, Dynastymoski does however manage to expose the killer and has him executed, it is then that he is now named the new ruler under the now unified region

Years later, Dynasty Moski dies of old age, going peacefully in his sleep one night. It is said however that for some reason his spirit still remains in the phantom realm awaiting transfer to heaven.

Had a pet cat at one point, that would later be changed.

Weapon: Oddly shaped blade

Skills: A brilliant tactician, can think quickly and use the environment to his advantage

Based off of
:iconmemoski: 's character Moski.

Related to:…

Phantom Demetris by TheTalon34
Phantom Demetris
Age: 27 when killed
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Demitris was the right hand and strategist for his clan, he was known for being narcissistic and enjoying the company of women. He was well versed in sorcery and tactics as well. The day of the battle between his and Yula's armies however he was killed by his own men after refusing to surrender to Yula. Now in the Phantom Realm he holds this against her.


Dylan Garcia
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
The name's Dylan Garcia and I am a video game fanatic.
Some of my favorite games are: Soul Calibur series, Persona series, Fallout series Dynasty Warriors series, Samurai Warriors series, Warriors Orochi series,
Skullgirls, J-Stars Victory Vs, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, and Minecraft among others.

My Youtube channel:…

Favourite Characters: Sol Badguy, Sho Shinjo, Ma Dai, Dante (New and Old), Aigis, Naoto Shirogane, Yoshitsune Minamoto, Motochika Chosokabe, Xu Shu, Wang Yi, Yusuke Urameshi, Hibino Hareluya, Yusuke Fujisaki "Bossun", Saiki Kusuo, Tatsuya Shiba, and K'.

Below is a page I share with a friend where you can reach me if I want to communicate better. We share news and memes on but not limited to Persona, Fallout, Minecraft, Pokémon, DBZ, Smash Bro's and much more.
I've done a lot of journals about Dimension Wars lately, so much so that I haven't done anything personal in a while. It just so happens, there's this music label channel on Youtube I'm addicted to, thus the idea to make this list was born. This is a top 5 list of my favorite, most played songs from this channel. A warning, all the songs on this channel are electronic, no completely traditional stuff here. If you want a complete list of all my favs there's a playlist here though:…

5. Losing Control by Laputa (ft Ryan Konline) [link]
This song is a beautiful song about losing a relationship and it features a less used singer on vocals Ryan Konline. When it was first uploaded I had a gripe about it sounding like a previous song by the same artist called Masquerade, however this honestly is the better song in my opinion.

4. Maze in the Sun by Electro Light (ft Sidekicks) [link]
This song features an interesting sounds coupled with the beautiful female vocalist of Sidekicks, the use of inverting the vocals makes interesting to..sing as well. Don't judge me...

3. Hypothermia by Ryzu (ft Noctilucent) [link]
This song is relaxing and sooo beautiful, featuring beautiful pianos and other instruments coupled with the relaxing vocals of Noctilucent.
The ending sounds as if your connection might be stuttering but it adds a nice drop off to the song.

2. When the Earth Goes Dark by Starlyte (ft Brenton Mattheus) [link]
Brenton does a wonderful job putting emotion into this beautiful love song.

1. Shooting Stars by Alex Doan (ft Kedo Rebelle and Chloe Dolandis) [link]
This song features one of Ninety 9 Lives most popular male vocalists Kedo Rebelle, alongside the talented Chloe Dolandis to provide a beautiful song and arguably the best on the channel to date.

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