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Axel Alexander Ashton (Tsuwamono Shijin) by TheTalon34
Axel Alexander Ashton (Tsuwamono Shijin)
Axel is a normal office inter turned exorcist chosen by the spirits because of a poem he wrote. He now exorcises demons from the people who are too weak to keep them at bay. With powers granted to him by the spirit he has a pen that transforms into a sword and paper that can change into whatever he needs at his vocal command. He has a spirit that guides him in his duties...

UPDATE: Changed a few of the details like the hair and the text

Chapter 1: <da:thumb id="488828626">

Chapter 2: <da:thumb id="489764109">
After all the happenings of last night, I still managed to get the documents done for the boss and got to sleep.

A voice awoke me on time to get ready: "Axel, wake up!"

"Hmmm..what..must have been some dream hmm 7:01? I should get ready"

So I quickly got dressed and gathered my things to head to the office, if I'm late boss will have me fired for sure. So I headed down to the bus stop, got on the bus, and made it to work. As I walked in Mr. Burton immediately scolded me

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ASHTON? YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE AN HOUR AGO!" He hadn't mentioned that before I left the office last night, still I handed him the documents.
"I should have you fired" he said as he grabbed the documents and headed off with them down to the board room.
I walked off to my cubicle as I passed a co-worker, who gave me an icy stare for some reason.
"Geez, what is his problem?" I said under my breath. Thinking it was just the job frusturating him.

The day proceeded normally however until lunch break, the voice from earlier returned.
"The list!" it said, as I was outside enjoying a warm cup of coffee. Suddenly I saw a glowing piece of paper appear in my was the list from last night that had my name on it. A new name was below mine with an unchecked box.
"Keith Purston" I read out loud and almost as if on cue a figure appeared from behind me.
"You!" it said as things started going dark around us.
"Again?!" I said, noticing things going like they were last night.
"Look at you all high and mighty, getting all the important assignments" he said as his body started changing to take on a more demonic look. "You just shrug it off as a burden I'll kill you!" he continued as his voice became more and more distorted.
The voice returned again: "Defend yourself!"
The man lunged at me, his hand having changed into a claw. Almost instinctively I grabbed for the pen in my pocket.
"If this is anything like last night" I said as I brought it out and it transformed into it's sword-form.
"Hyah!" I said as I swung at Keith, striking him away for a second as he prepared for a counterstrike.
Suddenly I felt the voice return and it gave me another instruction
"Grab a piece of paper and utter a phrase to help you defend" it said.
Hoping this voice wasn't wrong I followed it's instructions "Shield me from the darkness!" I said as the paper quickly transformed into a paper shaped shield.
I repelled the attack and sent Keith staggering backwards, he seemed aggravated at this.
"Fight!" the voice spoke once more and I sprung into action. It was time for me to go on the offensive, I charged Keith with sword and shield in hand. I sliced at Keith, once, twice, three times all direct hits! He then went for an attack and I pushed him away with the shield.
I then stabbed him straight in the chest and he fell to his knees.
"You know what to do" the voice said as I pointed the sword at Keith and sealed away his demon like I did last night. As I finished he returned to normal and fell to a knee. Then the voice spoke to me again.
"Good, you're doing your job well Axel" it said, like a madman talking to himself I replied.
"What job? What is going on here?"
"Don't you remember Axel, you wanted this, you wanted the world to their demons. Because of this you were chosen by the spirits to exorcise the demons whom are too strong for their hosts to hold back"
"But I didn't ask for this, I hardly know what I'm doing" I said.
"Do not worry Axel, I'll guide you. The pen you know is your weapon and your method of sealing. The paper can be used for any other thing you need, you only need to vocalize what is needed."
"What if I refuse to do this any longer?"
" die, the next time an encounter like this occurs the demon will kill you unless you defend yourself."

Aware of my situation I asked one more question
"Who are there a name I should address you by?"
"Just call me Himiko, for now. As time goes by and you become more accustomed to this, I will gain a more permanent form"
"I see I said...."
Then everything went back to normal as I looked down at Keith, he stood back up and proceeded normally back into the building
"What have I gotten into?"
Tsuwamono Shijin: Chapter 2
Chapter One-…
Try to imagine this like a manga
Ok not to beat around the bush, I'm looking for someone to draw my new character Axel in manga style...anyone care to discuss this?…
Ishida and Koro-sensei by TheTalon34
Ishida and Koro-sensei
My OC Ishida and to celebrate his new anime and game...KORO-SENSEI of Assassination Classroom
"Hmm a teacher who wants to destroy the world? What sense does this make?"
Tsuwamono Shijin, remember the name because that is the official name of my newest series. A.k.a. Warrior Poet, a "wannabe" manga about a 21-year old office worker name Axel turned exorcist chosen by spirits to exorcise demons to strong for their hosts.
"Everyone has their demons, only some are strong enough to keep them at bay"…


Dylan Garcia
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
The name's Dylan Garcia and I am a video game fanatic.
Some of my favorite games are: Soul Calibur series, Persona series, Fallout series Dynasty Warriors series, Samurai Warriors series, Warriors Orochi series,
Skullgirls, J-Stars Victory Vs, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, and Minecraft among others.

My Youtube channel:…

Favourite Characters: Sol Badguy, Sho Shinjo, Ma Dai, Dante (New and Old), Aigis, Naoto Shirogane, Yoshitsune Minamoto, Motochika Chosokabe, Xu Shu, Wang Yi, Yusuke Urameshi, Hibino Hareluya, Yusuke Fujisaki "Bossun", Saiki Kusuo, Tatsuya Shiba, and K'.

Below is a page I share with a friend where you can reach me if I want to communicate better. We share news and memes on but not limited to Persona, Fallout, Minecraft, Pokémon, DBZ, Smash Bro's and much more.
I have given thought of what I would have Gust and Talon dress up as for Halloween if I had the needed drawing skills to do so
-Talon would be Kabal from Mortal Kombat
-Gust would be Yu Narukami from Persona 4
I even picked out poses for them
Talon would be holding Kabal's mask in one hand away from his face and his two swords in the other
Gust would be swirling wind in his palm like he's fixing to summon a persona
and of course would wear the tv world glasses Yu wears

Maybe I can request this...or get a commission of it or something >_<
(you know...because my drawing SUCKS!)
Of course it wouldn't be entered into the DW costume contest would still be cool

Which reminds me, if you have entered you should do so XP
Also go and get those story intros done!
  • Listening to: Incubus
  • Reading: Chat
  • Playing: Nothing :(
  • Drinking: Coke-Cola

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