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My father was one of the strongest fighters out there "Hybrid Kanega" people called him. He had the strength of a monster and indomitable spirit of a true man, he was never beat. It was ironic that what killed him was illness, he could beat anyone he could physically touch but not the one thing slowly killing him. After that I spent my days training trying to become as strong as my father had become, defeating anyone who challenged me. After I had won every match I spent my days trying to figure out what my next challenge would be....until a fateful day.

A woman approached me, one who looked like she didn't belong. She had medium length black hair and armor with a fancy scarf hanging off of it.
"Ah you seem like a strong one" She had said.
"Only the strongest around, why you wanna fight? I've been looking for a new challenge" I said hoping she would say yes.
"Oh no, however I have an opportunity for you to fight numerous new challengers. All you have to do is come with me." She said as she held out her hand.
"Hmm well I guess if you can help me fin new fighters, I'm game" I said as I took her hand when we suddenly disappeared.
When we reappeared we were in a strange room with a weird glowing center.
"I will be right back, you are merely the first" She said as she disappeared again.

I waited until she returned with numerous other people, all very different from those I were familiar with.
"Oh right, so now we can get this started!" I said as I readied my weapon before she motioned me to put it down.
These are not your opponents, in fact it will be a little longer before you get to face anyone.
"Aww" I said as I slumped into a corner while the rest of the newcomers talked to the woman.
She introduced herself to us all saying her name was Talyn and that she had a grand plan of eliminating some people or something, I tuned out at that point until she motioned to me.
"I can tell you're bored, why don't I send you down with your opponents?" She said a smile on her face.
As if to reply my face lit up and I stood back up as doorway appeared, I ran through it to find myself at the base of a tower in the middle of other people with more constantly appearing. Eventually some man spoke up and told us we needed to go into the tower.
Suddenly I heard a voice call out to me "Just listen to what the one with the metal arm and strange hat says and you'll soon come to your first fight. I'll contact you when the rules....change" The voice of the woman from before said in my head.
"Alright, just watch me dominate!" I replied.
Back before the capital of Narencia was established, the land was torn between multiple factions seeking to claim it as their own.  At that time the generals and some leaders were known to possess untold powers though nowadays these powers are more commonplace. Because of this many of them were called gods or demons according to how they were viewed.

When they fighting first began in the south it was
 The Narencia, led by Eldric Narencia known as the "God of Frost" and his young strategist Eris
The Hyabusa Clan led by the "God of Honor" Talon Hyabusa" and his general Danica
 The Tosaya Clan led by Aiza Tosaya known as the "Goddess of Lightning" and her favored general Berumen the strong.

In the Center it was
The Saix clan led by the "God of Wind" Gerudo and his sons Leon and Aurel Saix, the brothers of Dark and Light.
The Hidenagi Clan led by the ninja Sukon Hidenagi "God of Fire" and sisters Sera and Circe Alibaster
The Xingon Clan led by Reina the beautiful and her guards Enredi and Remy.

In the North it was
The Shura clan led by the "Demon Shura" herself, she did not go by a last name, and her strategist Samson.
The Isen clan led by the Brilliant Heeru Isen and his wife Kimi
The Jacia Clan led by Gail and her trusted ninja Rizen

There was also a mercenary band known as the Crimson Characters led by a man named Stark, other members included Vivi Anzel and Teruhashi Agate.
Part 1: Conflict in the North

Conflict started in the North as villages were being wiped out by Shura and her army, she wanted to make her presence felt as the strongest in the land.

At the same time however the armies of the Isen and the Jacia had prepared for battle as the Jacia positioned themselves in the mountains.

"If we attack them they will have surely set a trap for us" Heeru said to his wife as the night sky hung above them.
"While that is true, if we leave them be we will leave ourselves open for them to attack us from behind." Heeru's wife said holding her sword.
Heeru gave an audible sigh as a man ran up to him.
"Sir! News has come that the Demon Shura is on another rampage and is heading this way"
At this Heeru remained calm and hesitated before speaking again.
"This is bad news, however we can also use it to our advantage. Send a unit to the front lines to draw the enemy out, the rest of us will need to hide so we cannot be seen." He said as the messenger quickly left to give the order, the two then found a well wooded area and laid low waiting to see the fruits of their plan.

Not too long after the sounds of footsteps could be heard, the unit Heeru had sent was luring a large amount of the enemy forces out, however the unit was soon destroyed by a large blast. Suddenly more footsteps could be heard as another army approached, one led by a woman clad in striking armor.
"Out of my way peons, I'll cut you all down!" She could be heard saying as she mowed down soldiers with her naginata. Then out of nowhere her horse stopped and she jumped off of it quickly.
"What is this?" She asked as a man suddenly appeared and attacked her.
The two then locked into a deadlock of which she quickly gained the upper hand and sent the man reeling from.
"Is this the best you've got? Pathetic!" The woman said as she taunted the man.
The man remained silent as he charged at the woman, mid way through he leaped into the air and took a shot with his rifle, the woman was not fazed however and as he came back down she struck him and sent him flying away from her.
"Tch, impressive" The man said as he regained his footing and waited for the next attack.
"I'm done with you, begone!" The woman screamed as she charged at the man, just as she was about to strike the man circled around her and slashed her away. He then grabbed his rifle and fired a large but stationary ball of energy out, as the woman charged at him again he slashed at the ball of energy sending it at her. It explodes upon impact and a large cloud of smoke engulfs the area. The man stands their silent taking in his apparent victory until suddenly a blade comes exploding out of the dust and stabs the man right in the chest.
"Ha you fool!" The woman says as the man falls to his knees and then to the ground.
"What a waste, now where are the rest of the rats?" The woman said as another man came riding up.
"My lady, I think it would be wise to continue on our path rather than stay and attract more attention at the moment" The man said.
"Very well, if that is what you think. Onward!!" The woman replied as she hopped back on her horse and galloped away with her army behind her.

After a while a woman emerged from the mountains with soldiers guarding her.
"Rizen.......I should've known better" She said as she examined the dead man's body. Suddenly Heeru and Kimi's units appeared from their hiding spots.
"Ah i see our plan worked" Heeru said as he approached with soldiers walking ahead of him.
"I should've seen through your ruse....I was a fool to tell him to move ahead." The woman said a defeated look on her face.
"Let's get to the point, I suggest you surrender now since we have you surrounded and I doubt you have the men or morale to fight back" Heeru said holding a fan in his arms.
"As much as it pains me, I at least have my life. You do not seem to want to cut me down so quickly, so I shall agree and surrender" The woman said as she motioned her men to lay down their weapons.
"Good, no one needs to be hurt" Kimi said a somewhat warm smile on her face.

The Isen clan army now with the remainder of the Jacia Clan army under them returned to their base in order to regroup. There Heeru took into account the defeat of Jacia clan and the path of the Shura in order to decide the next step for his army.
"Shura's army is heading for the center of the land, not to mention we have control overt the northern area. If we fortify ourselves here then we should prevail." Heeru said to his wife.
"Very well, let us work on building up our defenses"
Liadra Dimension Wars 2 Sheet by TheTalon34
Liadra Dimension Wars 2 Sheet
Technically this makes her a character created especially for the Dimension series XP
Team X: X-Steele, Smash, Darken Candy. Boss: Izanagi
Team Ninja: Scorpio Kunoichi, Kiyoshi, Okami Roy,. Support: Otto Boss: R.I.L.E.5
Team Fighters: Riley, Jiayang , Sky
Team Monster Hunters: Axel, Lucy, Eluza. Support: Himeko. Boss: Travis w/ Cyber Demon
Team Tough Chicks: Faith, Damia, Amanda
Team Grungy Rainbow: Candy w/ Blossom, Zion, Phil. Support: Pepper. Boss:  Brandon
Team Talon: Talon Ayvo, Relith, Syrroth
Team Outcast: Shiki, Tony, Haruki. Support: Darrin. Boss: The Grim Reaper (Graham Neo)
Team Fighters 2: Arc, Minroni, Fuzzy
Team No Name 1: Gust, Muki, Rena. Support: Montyosho Boss: Darren
Team No Name 2: Lexi, Annie, Nova. Support: Youjo
Team Poe: Poe, Greg, Unknown. Support: Karina Boss: Marx
Team ???: Mamoru K, Liadra,

Unassigned Characters: Laylani (Support),  R.I.L.E.5 (Boss), Myrrin (Support)

Final Boss: Dimensional Ripper (Talyn/AU Talon)
Other Characters: Marie, Max
Dw2 Teams (New but still in progress)
I personally think Okami should fill the gap in Team Ninja and I have a character I need to make a sheet for but we would still need one more character to balance out the teams....there are also characters who have not been assigned to teams
Liadra Kanega by TheTalon34
Liadra Kanega
Age 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5' 8"
Personality: Brash, likes to fight, resilient, stubborn.
Outfit: No sleeved black shirt, baggy purple pants, single gauntlet on right arm, bandages on left, black boots.
Alt Outfit: Half-sleeved torso, shoulder pad, armored bottom, single gauntlet on right arm, bandages on left, gold boots.
Accessories: Necklace and metal arm band.
Weapon: Halberd/scythe whichever you prefer to call it, it's official name is "Wolf's Maw"

Bio: The daughter of a famous fighter, she wishes to surpass her father as a fighter and be the strongest fighter in ALL the worlds. Having been given the chance to travel across worlds she stumbles upon something much bigger that will affect her greatly

Wolf's Spirit: Inhuman Speed and Strength
Electrifying Presence: Lighting based attacks


Dylan Garcia
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
The name's Dylan Garcia and I am a video game fanatic.
Some of my favorite games are: Soul Calibur series, Persona series, Fallout series Dynasty Warriors series, Samurai Warriors series, Warriors Orochi series,
Skullgirls, J-Stars Victory Vs, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, and Minecraft among others.

My Youtube channel:…

Favourite Characters: Sol Badguy, Sho Shinjo, Ma Dai, Dante (New and Old), Aigis, Naoto Shirogane, Yoshitsune Minamoto, Motochika Chosokabe, Xu Shu, Wang Yi, Yusuke Urameshi, Hibino Hareluya, Yusuke Fujisaki "Bossun", Saiki Kusuo, Tatsuya Shiba, and K'.

Below is a page I share with a friend where you can reach me if I want to communicate better. We share news and memes on but not limited to Persona, Fallout, Minecraft, Pokémon, DBZ, Smash Bro's and much more.
Greetings everyone, as of late I haven't done any drawing and that's because I haven't really had the program I usually use. Now I have it back so after this one little story I'll try and put up more "art".

As for the story it's a little side history for Unexpected Saga featuring characters made in Samurai Warriors 4/Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires character creations modes. Because there's going to be quite a look forward to that.

Afterwards I'll give writing a little break and see if I can't get back to drawing some things....

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Candycanecrush Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
I have some ideas of what you should do for some teams in DW2. At the same time, I have questions.
For Team Poe:
1.) Karina should be a support.
2.) It would be interesting to see Marx fight against two of his own kind(ish) and a block man because they all are from video games.
For Team Grungy Rainbow:
1.) Brandon should be a boss against this team instead of Teufel making an ironic scene between cute characters and a creepy kid.
For Team No Name 1 (We will think of one soon): 
1.) Darren as boss here would be good because if you think about it, if there wasn't a Soul Guardian around, wouldn't everybody in a different group be confused of what to do with his soul or be murdered by him? (Not only that but it would make the scene more interesting because of the fact that Rena doesn't like him at all making the fight more meaningful.)

1.) Who's team will Pepper be with?
2.) Why is Teufel fighting Grungy Rainbow if he would pick a more interesting fight with a different team that may have a better reason to fight him compared to them fighting over the last 3 cookies? (Not to be rude about it.)
3.) Do you approve my ideas?
TheTalon34 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Erm I'm moving Myrrin to another team and Pepper will be on Candy's team like it should've been before...I forgot XD

Teufel was there mainly because Myrrin was but since he's moving so will Teufel.......

I'm on board for a lot of them...I think XD
Candycanecrush Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
BTW, maybe you should put Okami with Team Ninja as you put Liadra with Team ??? since they both are parentless. FroStart shouldn't mind the change. Doing that should give you one more character slot for anybody. Now who should use the slot? If Aperture uses at least one more character from his series related to magic, it would solve Teufel and Myrrin's problem.
TheTalon34 Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You see that's what I wanted to do...juat wasn't sure how Frost would feel XP
Playstationboy99 Featured By Owner May 7, 2015
If Robbit from Jumping Flash and Jodie Holmes from Beyond two sould was in playstation allstars who would their rivals be?
TheTalon34 Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Either someone else robotic or someone much larger (like a David vs Golliath type situation) for Robbit

Then for Jodie someone with a separate being who is part of them as well perhaps like a character from Persona if your willing to go third party or something of that nature. Alternatively someone who hunts or fights ghosts or spirits
Playstationboy99 Featured By Owner May 7, 2015
Also I thought of The Travaler from Journey vs Raven from Gravity Rush being rivals what do you think?
TheTalon34 Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ehh what's the connection?
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Protozerg Featured By Owner May 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch talon. :D Appreciate it!
TheTalon34 Featured By Owner May 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem you're an amazing artist....
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