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Hello everyone this is my first journal in a while about something not DW related. I wanted to promote my newest series Unexpected Saga and say I'm beginning work on Tsuwamono Shijin's third Arc.  I'll put a link to the beginning of the Unexpected Saga stories below, you'll wanna start with the normal titled series first before moving on to Drabyss Hunt.

Start of the series: Unexpected Saga: The Beginning
Drabyss hunt Pat 1: Unexpected Saga-Drabyss Hunt: Part 1

There's also a side story for Tsuwamono Shijin that introduces a new demon hunter who will be a part of the next arc. I'll go ahead and link the start of the Tsuwamono Shijin series as well there's links to the next in the series on each part (same goes for the above stories as well)

Tsuwamono Shijin: Warriors Huntress Sazuki
Tsuwamono Shijin (Warrior Poet) Chapter 1
To be able to see the demons of men......what a scary thought....and yet that is what I was granted.

I was a warrior, or as much of a warrior as I could be in this modern world. My ancestry can be linked back to the samurai of old, men of honor and code whom lived by the sword....and died by the sword. My name is Saizo Tokugawa, a 28-year old man living on his own. I ran a school of martial arts and swordplay and was quite adept at both.

Of course the skill hasn't changed, but the rest of my life did. You see it was on a faithful rainy night that I was meditating by the blossoms near my dojo that I was visited by a spirit. She called herself Okuni and she was  beautiful yet otherworldly at the same time.

"Hello there warrior hehe" She had said to me as I stopped my meditating.
"I have been watching you for some time now and I believe you are fit for something far more important. This world is full of darkness that wants to take over, I believe you have the power needed to defend it" She had said seemingly dancing around the blossoms as I looked on in awe.

However her dance was interrupted as thunder struck and the darkness started to encroach on us as I heard a loud bang around me. I went into my dojo and grabbed my sword and then bolted out to look for the source of the sound. As I did I saw a figure approach me, it resembled the armor warn by the samurai's of old and as I approached it brandished an otherworldly spear unlike anything that could seem real.

We then engaged in combat as it lunged at me with the spear, I deflected the strike before bringing my sword back around for another slash. The figure jumped back before swinging the spear back around to strike me across my chest. I reeled back as the the strike tore my garb, I looked into the figures eyes and saw two glowing red dots. Whatever this was didn't seem to be human at the time, however I shook off the fear that started to well in me and went back on the attack. Striking carefully we both took turns attacking and defending until the creature knocked me to the ground. As it it also knocked my sword away and quickly went to stab me in my heart, however I heard a voice call out "Stop!" before I closed my eyes to brace for the end.

After that I blacked out, I awoke as a faint light began to show. However something seemed off, my body felt a bit lighter. So I made my way into my dojo and as I went to wash my face I felt...more hair then usual on the top and much less on my face. I looked at my hands, which were much daintier than before..more...feminine? As I started to doubt the reality of the situation a voice rang in my head.
"Hello again warrior, now that you're awake I can explain what is happening" The voice of Okuni said as I relaxed myself.
"Yes please tell me!" I said with a distinctly higher pitched voice than normal as I covered my mouth.
"You almost died before the power could be bestowed upon you, therefore I had to take last minute action. I merged myself within you and defeated the demon that had attacked you. This seems to have changed your body physically I'm afraid hehe" Okuni explained as I covered my face with my hands.
"This...this can reversed...right?" I asked.
"I'm afraid not..technically you died..however I was able to give you a second life. Soon I will fade away, however you will be bestowed the power I was talking about before" Okuni said.
"I...I can't live like this...." I said feeling lost at this point.
"I do not have much time left, warrior, take the power and use it to defend the world against the demons around you." Okuni said as her voice began to fade. Then suddenly a light flashed before my eyes as the area around me turned dark. I then felt compelled to walk into the hall of the dojo, but as I did I saw a figure at the end of it. As I approached I could see it resembled me...the old me.

"Warriors hold power....people will know my power, my WRATH!" The figure said as it turned around with a sword in it's hands. I could see it intended to attack me as it charged at me. As it closed in I put my arms out to try and defend, with any luck I could disarm him. However as he began to strike he seemed to slow considerably, allowing me to successfully disarm him and then strike him back.
"The only thing that matters..." The figure said with a distorted voice as another sword appeared in his hands.
"Is the power of the person wielding the weapon!" He then finished as he charged at me again and again as he approached time slowed. This time I sliced at him multiple times and when time went back to normal he suddenly fell to his knees.
"!" The demon said it seemed to struggle to get back to standing.
Suddenly I heard Okuni's voice one more time say "Seal him!" and almost instinctively I focused myself and the blade I held began to glow. I then slashed through the demon and it began to glow and then slowly fade away into nothing. 

After that day I had to close my dojo and find a new way to live, however I was soon contacted by another spirit known as Susano'o.
He had apologized for how things had happened and told me there was no way to reverse my change, however he would guide me and aid me as long as I hunted demons. That same day I went to a river to look at myself clearly, what I saw was a female who looked about 28 with pale red hair that had a fringe covering one eye along with beautiful brown eyes both of which I imagine came from Okuni. I was wearing a makeshift haori that Susano'o had provide for me, it was white with light red trim on the bottom and had a distinct symbol on the back resembling a cherry blossom petal with a sword next to it.

"This is who I am now a wandering warrior who hunts demons." I said as I looked at my reflection.
I decided to changed my name to Sazuki Tokugawa and forged myself a long sword to help combat the demons that plagued this world. "This is my only purpose left in's all I have now."

...the end....
Tsuwamono Shijin: Warriors Huntress Sazuki
A side character I wanted to create for Tsuwamono Shijin...the world could use more demon hunters you know..and hey maybe he/she will show up later ;)

(I wrote this really early in the morning so...there are probably mistakes)
As the nigh approached the five took turns sleeping, Allister and Jin took the first 4 hours of guard duty while Raphael, Claire, and Hikari slept.

"You sure are brave, you know that kid?" Jin said a bit intoxicated.
"Uh were you drinking liquor this whole time?" Allister asks.
"Don't worry about it, I'm done for now, and I'm not completely drunk" Jin says looking aloof despite being intoxicated.
As they continued their watch a rustling could be heard around them, Allister then took a torch and looked around lighting the area around him to make sure no one was around.
"Guess it was the wind" Allister says as he relaxes himself. Jin on the other hand steps out a bit.
"I know you're here, show yourself!" Jin says as footsteps can be heard.

"A dying man and a couple of brats, all trying to take what's ours eh? Sorry but were not going for that"  A male voice says as a man with messy medium length hair and a mask on the lower half of his face steps forward.
"I thought we might run into a problem here" Jin says raising his weapon to the ready.
"You don't say? This IS just me and my group's territory" The man says as two more figure approach.
"Can we just kill em' already boss?" A female voice says.
"Yeah boss" A male voice follows.
"Sadira, Jaxson, calm yourselves. We need to introduce ourselves first for the younger one of course. My name is Rek and were the Rek'm Outlaws, the toughest and largest mercenary group this side of Narencia. We just came by to clear out anyone stupid enough to take on the mayor's request so we can do it ourselves tomorrow" The man says as Allister grabs his sword.
"I don't care who you are, we were here first!" Allister says already in stance.
"Well kid, if you don't wake one of your friends up you'll be outnumbered. You sure about this?" Rek says as he rolls up his sleeves and chains fall from them.
"Hah, no need to worry, I'm worth two people at least" Allister says as he charges straight at Rek.

Rek prepares for Allister's attack and blocks it before slashing mercilessly at him with his chains.
Meanwhile the other two attack Jin who raises his War Axe and slashes them both away.
"I've been fighting almost all my life, a couple of ruffians like you wont be much of a match for me" Jin says as he raises his war axe in the air and a glowing energy engulfs it. The two regain their footing and attack Jin again this time his strikes are more powerful and the two have a hard time defending.

Rek has wore down Allister who had to jump back to take a breather.
"Give it up kid, I'm much better than you" Rek says as he spins the chains around to show off.
"I don't give up that easily, Terra Spin!" Allister says as he throws his sword at Rek and spins viciously towards him. Rek dodges to the left and then tosses his chains at Allister tripping him and sending him to the ground. His sword disappears and Rek walks over to him.
"I'll make this quick kid!" Rek says as he prepares to strike Allister down when his arms begin to become encased in ice.
"What the hell!" Rek said as he tried to free his arms but to no avail.
"I would ask that you leave my comrades alone" A familiar, calm, child-like voice says.
"Where the hell are you? I'll kill you!" Rek says continuing to struggle as he looks around to not find the source of the voice.
"This is your last warning" The voice says as the ice starts to travel up Rek's arm.
"Alright, alright j-just let me go!" Rek says.
"Very well" The voice says as the ice starts to melt away and Rek's arm are freed.
"Come on you two, let's go. Don't think this is over though!" Rek says as his followers obey and the three run off.

As the three run, Jin helps Allister up and dusts him off.
"You okay kid?" Jin asks as Allister nods to say 'yes'.
"Just what the hell happened?" Jin questioned.
"It sounded like Raphael talking.....but he was asleep...right?" Allister said puzzled.
They look over at Raphael who is indeed asleep and then back at each other.
"That's one good kid if he can do that while asleep" Jin says as he laughs.
They stay awake until midnight where Hikari and Raphael take over guard.
The time from then until sunrise goes on uneventful, as the time grew closer to the appearance of the Drabyss.

As the time went by the whole group woke up and readied their weapons, making last minute preparations for the battle ahead.
"Remember, the drabyss is called that because it's said it can brings it's enemies into the abyss itself." Hikari said, in fact being very knowledgeable about their prey.
"Where would we be without you?" Claire says smiling as she sharpens her blades.
"Heh" Hikari says as she smiles and readjusts her glasses.
Suddenly thunder could be heard as it began to rain.
"This must be a sign, everyone get ready" Jin said as he grabbed his War Axe and headed away from the tree they were under to get a better look.
As if on cue the flapping of wings could be heard as a dark purple creature descended to the ground and landed with a loud roar.

"Read yourselves to fight guys!" Claire yelled as the rest took their positions with Hikari staying under the trees and Raphael moving to the side while Allister and Claire stood beside Jin.
The Drabyss then roars again before swiping at the three throwing a gust of wind at them to intimidate them.
"I'll take the first hit, you guys follow after" Jin says as he grasps his war axe and charges at the Drabyss, all the while gathering a white aura around him. As he strike the Drabyss, the creature reels back a bit at the force of his strike as the aura begins to engulf its arm where the axe hit.
"I've honed Aura techniques for 20 years, all for this!" Jin yells as he motions with his left arm to the other two to attack.
"Alright, Terra Slam!" Allister yells as he lunges at the Drabyss and brings his sword down on its other arm.
"I'll make Aria proud!" Claire yells as she runs and disappears before reappearing behind the Drabyss and strikes its tail.
At this the Drabyss roar again before putting out a blast of dark energy that sends the three flying in all directions.

As the three regain their footing, a bolt fires at the Drabyss that sticks into its right wing. As it flails about trying to shake it off, Allister charges forward again for another strike, this time at it's left wing. Realizing its predicament the Drabyss prepares to fly but as it begins to lift off the ground the bolt explodes hurting it's wing and bringing it back down to the ground.
"Charge!" Jin yells as he, Allister, and Claire begin to strike at the creature repeatedly eventually severing its other wing.
The creature regains its composure and let's off another explosion of dark energy sending them flying away again. Then suddenly it begins to gather dark energy in it's arms.
"Raphael be on the ready!" Hikari yells at Rapahel whom nods and focuses his energy.
The other three circle the creature waiting for it to release the energy.
As the Drabyss does it sends the energy flying in a large orb that begins to suck everything into it, Rapahel then yells "LIGHT!" as a light energy begins to engulf the orb and reduce it to nothing but a small speck. The Drabyss then roars again this time it looks around to get a sense of how it can escape. Suddenly Jin catches it off guard and jumps at it's head again with aura surrounding him.
" farewell beast!" Jin says as he slashes at the Drabyss' head and the blade sticks itself in the top as the aura begins to eat away the head. The aura then spreads to the rest of the body as Jin puts all his energy into the axe.
"BEGOOOOONE!" He screams as the eventually the entire creature is engulfed the whole thing disappearing but the severed wing.
Jin then falls to the ground as the other four run up to him.

"Jin!" They all yell as Raphael checks his pulse.
".....I think he used all his life energy.....he may be.." Raphael says as Claire interrupts.
"Nooo! I'm not losing anyone else...can't you help him?" Claire asks as the others huddle around them silently.
After a moment of hesitation Raphael seems to nod in agreement at something before putting his hands on Jin's chest.
A glow happens as the rest sit and wait, as Raphael finished he gets up and motions the others to the severed Drabyss wing.
"How are we going to get this back to the city?" He asked as the others looked at him puzzled.
"Who cares about that is the old man going to be okay?" Allister says as a rustling can be heard from behind him.
"I...I'm....fine...."The voice said as they all looked to see Jin trying to pull himself up.
"Don't tire yourself, we'll help you back to the city and get you some medial attention" Hikari says.
"You....are good kids...haha" Jin says as he lays himself back down on the ground.

"Well, well, well you kids actually did it. What a surprise...." A voice says from behind as the four turn around to see Rek and the two from last night.
"You guys again, dammit we don't need this!" Allister yells as the others look confused.
"I'll tell you kiddies what, we'll let you all go about your business if you let us take the wing with us" Rek says as the other two begin to grin.
"Hell no we did thi..." Allister begins as Claire stops him.
"We accept" She says as the others look at her with surprise.
"Jin needs help and we can't afford to fight them and put him in more danger. Just let us take him away and you can take the wing" Claire says.
"Alrighty then, you heard er' Jaxson carry the wing for us will ya?" Rek says as he motions the large male with him toward the wing.
As he picks it up and the three leave Rek says one more thing
"Oh and don't follow us to Narencia, go off the path to the smaller town of Kadia alright? Or will kill you next time we see you"

The three then leave, laughing, as Allister helps Jin up and props him on his shoulder.
"Hikari, how far is Kadia from here" Claire asks.
"A bit farther than Narencia, but to the west" Hikari says as Claire then pulls out a compass and then motions the others to follow her.

As the group make their way into a small town, they get strange looks from citizens yet again. However one of them stops the group.
"Are you all in need of the clinic? It's just down the road to the left" The woman says pointing to an area. Claire thanks her as the group make their way as instructed.

In the clinic they are told Jin is just extremely exhausted and needs rest, so they let him stay there for the night while they stay at an inn.
The next morning they go to see Jin who is now somewhat recovered.
"Boy you kids are miracle workers, I didn't think you had a healer with you" Jin says grinning and taking a sip of water.
" was complicated" Raphael says as the others look at him a bit confused.
"It's okay kid if you can't tell us, then you just can't" Jin says reading Rahpael's expression who nods back at him.
"Still...that's a dirty play those Rek'm mercs played, though I'm sure you could've taken them" Jin says.
"I don't want to lose another person, I WONT allow that to happen" Claire says with a determined look on her face.
"Heh, you're one heck of a girl I'll say that, that Aria character you were talking about ought to be proud"  Jin says giving a small smile.
The room then goes silent for a while when Allister breaks the silence.
"What will you do now though?"
"Well kid....I've taken a liking to you all and well.....I know you're mercenaries. Maybe I could travel with you guys for a while?" Jin says.
"Of course!" Claire says with a smile on her face.
"I'm excited to see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into ahahaha" Jin says as the others laugh and smile along with him.

.....The end....
6 months had passed since that fateful battle with the Cult of Zenith, the group of Hikari, Allister, Raphael, and new leader Claire had started traveling the continent taking on small jobs to increase their reputations. Although they had completed a few jobs, nothing seemed to change for them. Then one day, they decided to go to the capital city, Narencia. There there was a job listing from the mayor of the city himself.

"HUNTERS WANTED: Every 10,000 years a dragon known as the Drabyss descends upon the area to the south of our great city with hope to wipe us out. Times before there were great warriors who slayed the beast to keep our city safe, but now there are no such organization. Therefore I call upon any who may be able to protect us as the next descension grows near. Whomever brings back proof of the Drabyss' death shall be rewarded handsomely

~Mayor Reault"

Below the paragraph on the listing were exact coordinates and a date.

"Hey guys, I think we can do this!" Allister says after reading the listing to the others.
"Seems dangerous" Hikari says a tad worried.
"Yeah...but we can't just let a chance like this slip by, right boss?" Allister says turning to Claire.
"Uh.....what do you think Raphael?" Claire then questions.

Raphael had become her go to person when it came to hard decisions as he had been right every time before.

"Sometimes a risk need to be taken, hopefully with my power we can at least survive" Raphael says calmly to reassure Claire.
"Then it's settled, we'll hunt the drabyss!" Claire yelled as everyone else around them looked in astonishment. Suddenly whispers could be heard.

"You hear that, they're gonna hunt the Drabyss"
"Do they have a death wish?"
"Do they not know about Jin and his gang"

Before getting too caught up in what the citizens around them were saying the group gathered supplies for the quest ahead and slept in a cheap inn.

The next day they set out for the location as the Drabyss was set to descend only one day from then, so they decided they would camp out the night before and wait. The weather was overcast seeming like it was going to rain at any moment.
However as they made their way to the site, a figure was already seen sitting on the ground.

Claire approached first, as the leader should, and as she got closer she saw it was a man with a bandage over his right eye up to his forehead. He had long silver hair and was wearing a brown shirt with tears at its sleeves, black pants, and seemed to be sharpening a weapon.

"Stay where you are, no need to get violent before the beast has arrived." The man said calmly, he seemed to be an older man perhaps in his 40's.
"I'm sorry but we want to claim the reward for this job ourselves, I'm going to have to ask you to leave" Claire said trying to sound as imposing as possible.
"Heh, a kid ordering me around, well I don't aim to fight you all because even though I'm tough I know better than to take on four people by myself. Perhaps though we can reach an agreement, come sit with me and we can discuss it" The man said motioning the four over to where he was sitting by a tree.
The four followed his instructions and sat beside him watching him as he continued to sharpen his weapon which seemed to be a polearm.

"You kids see, I'm an older man yes? I'm 48 and while you may say that isn't too long to live, I believe I've lived a full life up to this point. I've had my fair share of tough times of course, was almost killed by bandits." The man says then pointing toward his bandaged eye.
"I now wander from place to place waiting for my end, however I saw this job and took it as a sign. I resolved to fight this beast with the last of my life and whether I win or lose I will die here. So pretty much what I'm trying to say is, I aint interested in no reward. Having one more person to aid you certainly can't hurt" The man explained as he finished sharpening the blade of his weapon.

"We aren't exactly big on trusting people though...not after what we've been through" Allister says in response to the man's tale.
Hikari merely nods in agreement still thinking about Castor.
Meanwhile Claire is thinking before she says "What do you think Raphael?"
After giving looking the man in the eye, he nodded back at him and said "That's your decision Claire"

"'s settled then, for this moment the Claire Mercenary Group will ally themselves with you mister....what was your name?" Claire said with a smile as she put her hand out to shake.
"My name is Jin Seng, glad to fight along side you in my final moments" The man answers as he shakes Claire's hand.

The five then begin to set up camp under the tree and tell their stories as they wait the day away.
"I grew up in a pretty good household, me and my bro always competed to see who was better and then he was killed by a monster one day when we were sparring in a forest east of the city. After that my parents blamed me for his death and kicked me out, I then took up the sword and decided to become a mercenary. That's when Aria and Castor game, they were traveling together and they wanted to put together a mercenary group so I joined them" Allister explained as he examined his sword.
"I remember 20 years ago monsters were better contained but then the protectors of the towns died of and no one wanted to take their place." Jin replied as he took a sip of his gourd.
"My father left when I was younger so I never really knew him, my mother took care of my by herself. Eventually she fell into a deep depression and blamed me for dad leaving. With no friends or other relatives to turn to I ended up running away at age 16, for three years I was on my own until Aria found me, she instantly knew I was in need of a place to be and she let me in her group." Hikari says counting her bolts for her weapon.
"People can be real bad sometimes...and real good too, I'm glad you found somewhere you fit in though" Jin replied.
"The city I lived in was attacked and most of the people I knew and loved were killed in front of me, somehow the attackers never found me and about a day afterwards Aria and the rest found me and let travel with them. Aria became a sister to me and she taught me all sorts of things....before..." Claire's eyes started to water as she turned away from the group.
"Claire!" Raphael said in surprise as he put his arms around her to comfort her.
"It's okay kid....sometimes you gotta let your emotions be seen, it's better to be human than a monster" Jin said as he took another sip.
Claire then started to pour tears as Raphael let got and Hikari and Allister went to comfort her.

"What about you kid? You have a strange air about you, you know?" Jin asked Raphael.
"I was cursed by an otherworldly being because I wanted a purpose in life, I was given the power to change lives and keep order at the cost of not aging and living forever. I know it may not sound like a curse, but people hardly took me serious before I met these guys" Raphael says pointing to the three.
"It must pain you to know you'll outlive anyone you get close to eh?" Jin says questioningly.
Raphael looks down with sad eyes at this.
"Eh, sorry didn't meant to be all depressing like that" Jin replied apologetically.
"It's okay you're just stating the reality of things" Raphael says faking a smile as the others turn back around.
The time passed as it went from day to night

To be continued....
Dissidia Arcade Release Guess Roster by TheTalon34
Dissidia Arcade Release Guess Roster
Dissidia Arcade is confirmed to have 14 playable characters at launch with 7 already revealed, that said it is also mentioned that Team Ninja and Square plan to have at least 50 characters when it's all said and done. The characters are planned t be added through updates but we wont worry about those (for now, once the arcade release hits I'll expand this to cover what comes after)

For now let's focus on those 14 slots shall we? Now Warrior of Light, Onion Knight, Terra, Cloud, Lightning, Y'Shtola, and Ramza have all been confirmed so far. Then comes the guessing, most is straightforward, however you may be asking where's Vaan? what about FF XIII? Well I'm just guessing, but I think they will be left for future updates, seeing as how Type-0 is somewhat relevant at the point I think we'll see a character from there. As for FFXV I'm sure we'll see at least Noctis but much further down the line, closer to his game's release. It's a very limited number of spots and these are just some guesses, I'll update this when and if I'm wrong on any.…


Dylan Garcia
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
The name's Dylan Garcia and I am a video game fanatic.
Some of my favorite games are: Soul Calibur series, Persona series, Fallout series Dynasty Warriors series, Samurai Warriors series, Warriors Orochi series,
Skullgirls, J-Stars Victory Vs, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, and Minecraft among others.

My Youtube channel:…

Favourite Characters: Sol Badguy, Sho Shinjo, Ma Dai, Dante (New and Old), Aigis, Naoto Shirogane, Yoshitsune Minamoto, Motochika Chosokabe, Xu Shu, Wang Yi, Yusuke Urameshi, Hibino Hareluya, Yusuke Fujisaki "Bossun", Saiki Kusuo, Tatsuya Shiba, and K'.

Below is a page I share with a friend where you can reach me if I want to communicate better. We share news and memes on but not limited to Persona, Fallout, Minecraft, Pokémon, DBZ, Smash Bro's and much more.
Hello everyone this is my first journal in a while about something not DW related. I wanted to promote my newest series Unexpected Saga and say I'm beginning work on Tsuwamono Shijin's third Arc.  I'll put a link to the beginning of the Unexpected Saga stories below, you'll wanna start with the normal titled series first before moving on to Drabyss Hunt.

Start of the series: Unexpected Saga: The Beginning
Drabyss hunt Pat 1: Unexpected Saga-Drabyss Hunt: Part 1

There's also a side story for Tsuwamono Shijin that introduces a new demon hunter who will be a part of the next arc. I'll go ahead and link the start of the Tsuwamono Shijin series as well there's links to the next in the series on each part (same goes for the above stories as well)

Tsuwamono Shijin: Warriors Huntress Sazuki
Tsuwamono Shijin (Warrior Poet) Chapter 1

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